Backpacks let things fall

If a backpack is of very poor quality, it will be considered “ripped” and will leave out the random things in your inventory.

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That’s just a feature that is unnecessary and plain annoying. I’d rather have bad quality backpacks just have less space.


This is just a straight up bad idea


Or our okay but could you at least say why?

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It would get annoying quickly, and could be easily circumvented by finding a better backpack.


Technically, in 3.X terminology rarity was the stat for how good something was, quality was the stat for how damaged an item was, and durability was the stat for how quickly it loses quality.

The names are a bit counterintuitive, but I think they’re the ones Anon is using.

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Okay, I’d like more people to be civilized like you, but imagine that you would have a military backpack too hard to find and it would tear you up for sure, and that would make the mechanics of matching items made of fabric more useful.

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Why would you wear the backpack in the first place if you know your items are going to fall out? Why not instead of having it so your items just randomly fallout, instead you cant use it if the durability is too low?

I am not saying that the durability will be ridiculously low and this would not take away the usefulness of the backpack because even if you are aware that the backpack will one day tear it is still worth it because it increases the inventory and can be easily arranged.

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You’re right, that isn’t what you’re saying. That’s what I’M saying.

I think because of the translator I made understand that less rare backpacks let things fall but I meant that when any backpack reaches very low levels it can let some things fall.


ok, now THIS is unepic

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What if instead of the backpack ripping when it’s of “poor quality”, if it would be low on durability, it breaks, and then turns into a ripped backpack, all off the items inside the backpack fall out, and even tho it’s ripped you can still salvage it to get some use of it.

Maybe (if there will be a weight mechanic) if a backpack has to much weight in it, its durability will eventually go down, and then (when durability reaches 0) the backpack will rip.

That’s good idea, makes people go looting to get good equipment. Things should fall at a very slow rate, so it isn’t annoying, and you have time to find a new one. It brings up the survival aspect of the game.

And it can be repaired with fabric that illustrates a seam.

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I think that this could be a good Idea

it would make people be more aware of the quality of their clothing/ and aware of their soundings (if something falls out)

and this could also extend to other clothing items (Eg. pant pockets, shirt pockets)

but then again maybe not?

I think that this is an added level of difficulty wherein you are punished for not maintaining your equipment and letting it get too damaged. If this were implemented as an optional gameplay mechanic, then it would be a pretty nice little feature.

It should probably highlight which sections of the backpack/clothing’s inventory are considered ‘ripped’, though. Perhaps a red tint to the slot to make it obvious that whatever you put in there has a chance of falling out?

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I mean I think it’s an interesting idea but like in my entire life i’ve never seen any backpack rip. I mean they’re made to hold stuff and they all do a pretty good job. I mean the only one i could imagine would even rip maybe would be like a crappy school backpack. A different idea was maybe if it starts to rain and you have a terrible quality backpack water gets in and makes ur food go bad. But even I think that idea is unnecessary.

no… on all levels of no. This is by far, the worst idea you have ever come up with.

I agree that the idea isn’t the most necessary or even particularly good. I think that it’s worth playtesting later in development when little features like this will be added, however.