Ban Appeal

I got banned for no reason. Moderation clearly does not answer me

That appears to be a reason though?

I have no idea who is this guy

I take it you are platinum#0850 (1014540978838843433) on Discord?

Yes it’s me

Yeah okay. You got banned because you decided to post a (clearly marked) Ukrainian MRAP in the showcase channel on a alt (Xortan#1216, 926093724772098059). Normally that would just be a day mute but that account was both very new and pretty much a guaranteed alt plus the content you posted was (at the very least partially) not made by you meaning you got banned on both accounts.
Now as to why we know it is your alt because you posted the same models on both accounts, this one to be exact.

Wow very smart. What if i tell you i have a lot of russian haters that do everything to ban me or stuff like that just from the beginning of my modding career because i was server owner before? I did not posted that, i have no idea who was that guy, but yes i modeled that MRAP and it’s mine, but i never posted it to the Unturned Discord showcase if you noticed. There can be a guy who takes my models and just post them to showcase and post some ban shit after that to make a feeling like it’s my alt. The model on your screenshot is mine too. As you can see it was posted 2 September. Your screenshot have 9 September date. According to this logic, anyone can be banned because of one kid pretending to be you??

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Yes, surely this is all just a ploy to get you banned. That is why multiple staff members corroborated the evidence and agreed, not to mention even Tyler saying this is pretty damming.
Thats just too many coincidences.

What evidence? Some fake posts on the Russian social network?

Yes, its all fake. Of course, of course. Unless you have a different substantially better story we are done here.

You have people in your discord who write that they want to drop nuclear bombs on Ukrainian children, as well as openly posting Z mods in the showcase (but as far as I know they were punished). You can’t admit that one of them will try to ban me corny after I openly expressed everything in my Russian server after the start of the war, I have a hundred haters

Will you have better proof than just ridicule?

Or are the rules in your discord just toilet paper?

Whataboutism is never a good look, plus it doesn’t help you one bit


I posted what I had, you went “It not true lol”. I dunno man, just doesn’t convince me.

Also not a great look

Again, take some time, gather whatever evidence you have, wait a few hours maybe think it over and then post again. We can argue like this all day but that would achieve nothing but waste both of our time.

“I posted what I had, you went “It not true lol”. I dunno man, just doesn’t convince me.” So you literally had one stolen screenshot from my discord showcase from Russian social network and call it’s a proof when i sent you video with that model showings it’s mine?

Can i get another mod consider my complaint?

So i literally can create some kind of page in an unknown social network, post the work stolen from another modder there and then ban him in unturned discord?

That is not what you got banned for. You did not get banned for posting that model and we never implied that the gun I posted as evidence of you using that alt was stolen.