Bandit ai Looting

I think that bandits in 4 should occasionally spawn in groups going through a town, there would be fewer zombies there because they have been and will be actively killing them. But I think the bandits should also loot things as they go past. This means that players won’t just try to ignore bandits and let them clear a town out.

Bandits won’t take everything, but they will take good gear. If the npcs are low on food they will loot for foot and water. If there is a well they will drink from it, they should occasionally sit down and lean on things.

This would encourage fighting the bandits because they would take loot from towns.
Also if a bandit sees a gun and has run out of ammo, they would run to it and swap to it. This would be interesting with bandits that don’t have guns, as if they saw one they would run to it rather than chase the player.

Bandits should also run if they belive they cannot win a fight. Unarmed bandits won’t chase after players with guns ect.


I wanted to reply to this post, but I’m not sure where/how I was going to reply.

Personally, I think some of it might be a smidge too much. For example, I’d like bandits to be able to bleed and break bones like normal players, and have health/oxygen/stamina/immunity, but I don’t think making them require food/water would do too much.


It’d be reasonable for them to carry sustenance though.


Bandits shouldn’t spawn in towns and they shouldn’t require food/water. They also shouldn’t be taking loot from spawns. It’d be a lot cleaner if bandits simply spawned in their own specific locations and patrolled them rather than this complex and honestly pointless behavior.

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this is such an original post

just kidding no it isn’t LOL!

Avril it would be interesting if npcs works somewhat like super survivors from project zomboid (as in the mod), you will come across them as you wander around looting, and sometimes they will be hostile, and sometimes they won’t. They also need food, so you have to fight over the food sources in the area with then. Ofc, they won’t be a big deal unless there’s a whole lot of them and loot doesn’t realise often.

I don’t necessarily think you should be able to recruit them except in certain cases, and then they either act as a companion or stay at your base and do random chores. I dunno.

But it would make a lot more sense if you would come across hostile bandits or npcs that are scavenging for food.

It DOESNT make sense that they would have food on them, but bot actually eat it. Sure lore wise it would make sense, but you could watch those guys just walk around forever without ever needing to eat.

I dunno, I may be making a big deal over nothing, but I think it would work out better gameplay wise. Having to fight over the remaining food would be interesting.

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Personally I like the idea a lot, but it may not be so interesting to the game, especially since, assuming fewer items are spawned, it is rare to get food and water.
It’s almost like bad guys breaking into players’ houses and stealing their items in the chests, it would be very interesting and realistic, but it would be very demotivating.

Ideas like this can undoubtedly come into play, but with the choice of active or not.
Personally I would activate everything :sweat_smile:

Bandit (Or NPCs in general) shouldn’t have realistic necessities or ‘Human like’ survival needs.

For gameplay’s sake they should simply pose a threat to you like zombies, but attacks the same way as you with guns and melee (Albeit inaccurate/slow with certain combat AI movement) with the occasional use of medical items if spawned with such. They would only run away if injured, but only as far as going for cover. Otherwise they would relentlessly fight you regardless of their available weapon or your’s.

Eating and drinking would simply be aesthetic if a bandit is spawned with a food/drink item in their inventory (A small indicator of being present in on-death loot).

They’re probably found secluded in designated locations. Places such as claimed locations (e.g. Old ruined fort, small town) and makeshift camps. If the dev wants, he could add random encounters involving a small bandit squad.


eh, fine.

I don’t think you understand how it works, no one claims the rights to an idea too the point of no one else being allowed to talk about it - if the suggestion is talked about often, it must be popular, right?


He never said any of that but its not a very uncommon idea and he could of just replied to one of the already made threads that were suggested to him as he was writing his post if he had any cool ideas to add on.

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This ‘pointless behaviour’ adds atmosphere and challenges to the game, them taking loot adds challenge, also the eating and drinking is so that they consume the loot they take, so they don’t become walking loot bags, but actually “destroy” the loot for players. Them wandering around aswell, is like the branches on trees in unturned, they are pointless, but nice and look good. (You only really need an object to hit and drop wood)

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I was sure I said that they wouldn’t attack you if you were too high up or ran out of ammo. Also I think they should give you a chance to leave if you are too low level. So new players don’t get blitzed by pros.

At no point should NPCs be taking loot from the ground. I’m not sure why you can’t see how that is a terrible mechanic. To add on the fact that you want them actively deleting the loot they take by “eating” and “drinking” is ridiculous. Eating and drinking behavior is pointless content that Nelson would have to spend his time on when it has literally nothing but a negative impact on gameplay.

As a whole, bandits ought to be in - like yarrrr stated previously - specific locations, patrolling around these areas and defending them from Turned and players. Having bandits in towns just ensures that there will be random/constant gunfire going off all the time as bandit and Turned clash, die, and eventually respawn.

tl;dr: This doesn’t add any challenge to the game; all it does is add a frustrating mechanic that punishes players for… trying to play the game? On top of that it means that Turned and bandits would be constantly fighting, which makes for a quite honestly shitty experience.

Really depends on the direction Nelson wants to take the game; should it be more of a sandbox simulation type game, where players and in-game elements can interact in a variety of ways, setting off chains of events, or a more curated on rails sort of experience where gameplay elements interact only with players and not with eachother. Of course, it’s not really a black and white binary decision, and Unturned II will probably sit somewhere in the grey maybe of the whole spectrum.

Personally I think it ads a bit more interesting challenge. Imagine walking up to a store, to find most of it looted and a survivor walking away.

You could either kill them, (possibly befriend them) or ignore them.

If you kill them, there’s a chance you could find the stores loot on them… That is, if you get to them before they get to where they came from and stash it all away.

They’re bandits, not civilized people with a clear conscience. They would try to kill you regardless of what you have because anything you have is just loot to them, not a danger to their life. Just a fresh spawn with only pants and a stick? They’ll just kill you for fun (plus it’s your own fault for running into them). Full military gear? They don’t care, attacking both in interest on your loot and self defense.

That sort of behavior is the kind of thing I like to see from bandits. They’re there to make you see why life is unfair in the post-apocalyptic world.

Lol imagine getting jumped by a bandit holding a stick when you have full gear. It doesn’t make sense, also yeah they are still people. If anything better than half of the community, they shouldn’t and most wouldn’t kill for fun. Or attack fights they can’t win. Otherwise they are just zombies with guns.

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Well it would be embarrassing to see yourself getting beaten up by a stick if you think military armour makes you invincible or could scare bandits away.

The real question is why shouldn’t they attack you if you’re too weak or strong? In a gameplay perspective rather, cause it’s silly to say that hostile NPCs would pity or avoid you for those conditions (Look up survival games with bandits)

Unless this is just an excuse to make the game easy cause I think it’s fair to say that dealing with weak bandits is a test that you are self sufficient enough that you are willing to spend a bullet on nuisance while strong ones are an obstacle to your progression.

They aren’t just zombies with guns because they would potentially have a more unique AI along with the use of items (Weapons and medicine).

Yeah, like attacking players with way better gear than them.
I often run straight at attackers with guns carrying my knife.