Banned on Discord

So I got banned from the discord for a video I posted and got a friend to ask if there was anyway to get unbanned and I was directed here. Turns out a video I posted in memes was a bit over the line of what’s allowed and I apologize. I didn’t exactly think twice before posting, and if I can get another chance, I’ll certainly pay more attention to what I’m about to post before I post it. I could say I was tired after work last night, but I’m not one to try and make up excuses, nor does it mean I haven’t read the rules or that they’ve gone away.

Not entirely sure how to go about getting unbanned, if it’s even possible, but I’m just going off what I was told to come here and ask I guess? Normally if I get banned from a discord server for whatever reason, I typically don’t pay too much mind too it. But the Unturned discord I actually care about, so an unban would be greatly appreciated. I had no bad intentions, just made a mistake. Thanks.


No offense, but there is no reason to ever post a real life video that could ever possibly depict actual bodily harm, no matter how slight, other than to look edgy. I wouldn’t unban you.


The mods are mighty unforgivin.

Ah so you’re rather sensitive to those things? Again, my apologies, I wasn’t thinking.

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It’s not that i’m sensitive per se, but it’s like getting kicked out of a store for running around screaming profanities. I don’t particularly care about the profanities, but the fact you’re doing it in a public space, loudly, for no reason, you obviously just want attention, and i’d rather not see you there again.

Yeah I don’t do that kind of stuff. I’m heavily introverted, so I keep to myself really. Even if the person screaming is directing their anger at ME I kinda just shrug it off till they leave me alone lol

Unturned 3 support aint the place for it though. The community lounge makes more sense. This is more a support topic for the game itself and not the Discord server.

Moved to the proper category #meta:miscellaneous and tagged. I can direct the Discord staff here, but if it was very clearly NSFW then it would’ve breached Discord’s Terms of Service as well.

i do believe in a second chance, but it would be hard to find whos worthy of a second chance.

It was a guy blowing up a bus and he was caught in the blast, basically. It was a reference to The Magic School Bus. There was no actual blood or anything nsfw in the video however.

Yeah this is my first issue on this discord in the three ish years I’ve been on and off of it. I’ve not been looking for trouble or anything on it. In the near future I was planning to try and start my own unturned servers, maybe even make my own map or something and I wouldnt like a mistake like this to kick me off the unturned Discord, where I could go for a lot of help in doing these things.

I was directed here by a discord staff member

Not here as in the category it was in before, but yes.
And no, you are not getting unbanned as far as I am concerned. That sort of content would not be okay anywhere (since it violates ToS) but especially not on UO.


Why cant you unban me?

I can. But I don’t see why. Imho “I was not thinking” and “I am an introvert” are not valid excuses for posting a dude getting blown to smithereens in a partnered server full of 13 year olds.


Unless you cant read i said i wasnt making excuses. And its not really fair to me since I’ve been a member of the server for a number of years and this is my first issue ive had with something i posted. I’m not denying anything, I recognize it shouldnt have been posted and as I said, id think about posting things before posting them.

Currently we’re deciding whether you will be unbanned since a couple of staff believe this can be appealed. You’ll be notified if we made a decision


Ig all I can do is hope. Ive never been one to try and cause trouble on UO. Getting banned over a video would really upset me

how do you not think before posting gore

It wasnt gore,that’s%20clotting%20in%20a%20wound.

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