Base raid


there are too many…help us

And that’s why UII needs underwater bases.

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Pls stop with not funny Minecraft-unturned memes. Also, remove the discord overlay for an increase in the ok factor. It looks even more shitty than it is already with it.

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Fun fact,
Enderman are actually saying greetings but its sped up and distorted

So that enderman is prolly saying hello to the camper inside

1 - too late, I made a shiton in one day, and are posting them over the course of multiple days

2 - I did not take these screenshots, and you’d know that if you read the other posts. The whole fun of the project was that someone else took the screenshot, and told me what to add to the image. To which it is a lot harder than me being able to manipulate a screenshot to my liking and making it far easier to edit. Since I didn’t take it, I don’t control the overlay

3 - seemingly people like these for some reason.
image image image image image

Did you unironically upvote your own posts?

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Have you ever used Reddit?

Here and then, yes.

Could you just put them all in one thread please?

Just ask them to not use overlay when taking screenshots then, or use steam’s/unturned’s inbuilt screenshot feature.

Reddit ain’t a gage on Quality, most of that subreddit is pretty lacking in mental cognition.

When you post you auto upvote it, it’s not a cardinal sin to upvote your own post.

I can tell considering the multiple slanderous, defaming posts against me there were

A - Never taken down by the mods despite being wrong, harassing, defaming

B - People actually believed it, and never bothered to get my side of things

C - The times where I did infact try to go into the comment and debunk the post I was met with insane backlash and no room to talk.

It’s just a big, toxic echo-chamber where dissent and different ideas are not allowed. Dont let this place become like that. That Reddit (and by extension of Official Discord) are classic examples of failures in the Unturned Chat-Side of the Community. On a lowkey note, the whole :white_circle::sweat_drops:ing that goes on around this forum is very exclusive and seems wrong, and is the first step to achieving the kind of garbage that the Reddit has.

nah these screenshots are a million years old, by random people, and not all of them will probably listen lol

this. duh. lol


Ment more for the future, but fair enough.

you know you can say fuck right?

circle. jerk.

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