Being able to carry people, dead bodies and dead zombies for 4.0

We should have the ability to force-carry players and be able to put blindfolds/handcuffs on them

This would work by maybe shooting them in the leg to break it once its broken they can be carried then and we would get access to there inventory or if the player submits/surrenders that could happen too

Theres alot of functions and rp functions for this, first is that you can troll people and toss them around off cliffs, into volcanos (if II gets a hawaii map) or just anywhere really
It also works as a great capturing mechanism, you can take them back to your base and interrogate them

I need to elaborate on the throwing part, depending on how much skill you put into the apropriate category you can throw them farther being able to toss them back and forth between players

This entire concept also works with dead zombies and dead players and maybe there should be a way to perserve them

Maybe you should handcuff them first before doing all of this


So basically you are of these people suggesting bullying as ingame mechanic…


Now seriously: this kind of mechanics has been suggested thousands of times, and it’s still very unclear if it could be applied without being an unbalanced annoyance for the restrained players.

Yet for the part of corpses, I’d agree with player corpses to hide/take them apart and even downed (DBNO) partners for dragging them to safety. I see no actual use for carrying a dead zombie around, and making every dead zombie an interactable object might mess up performance.


Well we should really put for new user a mandatory warning/teaching stuff to do not post about some stuff how not to shitpost and how to not necro-post.

Yeah carrying dead bodies would be nice like carrying a dead deer to your base(or any animals P.S please do not make a canibalism post).


depends on how fast you can move an enemy players dead body, sinc if its easy people will just move the body into a house to safly loot them, and looting a dead body should have a risk if the player was killed out in the open

maybe only if you have handcuffs on? and you have to surrender to do that

Isn’t this not allowed?

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no its not allowed
because it sucks
it would be a terrible mechanic

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Alright, imagine this:

You’re strolling around, minding your own business, and suddenly I show up and put a bullet in your leg. Then I pick you up, carry you halfway across the map, and toss you into a volcano.

You respawn.

Another guy, feeling like ruining your day, shoots you in the leg with a crossbow, handcuffs you, and carries you halfway across the map and tosses you into his base where he “interrogates” you for loot locations, and when you don’t have any because you literally just died and couldn’t set up a base, he gives up and tosses you into the ocean where you drown because your hands are handcuffed.

Now imagine this happens to you a few more times. I’d bet that you’d probably uninstall the game in rage.

How do you think new people to the game would think if their experience mostly consisted of someone incapcitating them, handcuffing or ziptying them, and then killing them in some cruel form? Essentially what you’ve suggested is something magnitudes worse than KoS.


Imagine 2 french guys show up say: Menotte-lui et guillotine son cul


Yeah your right.
But the 3.0 version of that is kos always.
I think most people would just kill you and get sick of carrying you.
I think if you couldn’t shoot 2 handed items, and moved really slow carrying someone it would work.
Or prehaps only carrying your injured team mates out of a battle so you can help them.

speak englesh loser

No, that would just make the game a nightmare, because mobs of leg-kicking 12 year olds would ambush you and kick your leg and hold you at gunpoint, or kill you. Same with freshspawns at the beach running after you and kicking your leg and beating you up. This serves no purpose in the game, and would just be really fucking annoying.

Dragging corpses would be cool, though. Being able to drag them and hide them in a bush, put them in a car trunk, etc. That would serve a good purpose.


the only thing this would be good for is trolling people and police brutality on rp servers

Imagine this; some lad takes a crossbow, shoots your leg, and handcuffs you, brings you to a volcano or river; and you know the rest of the story.
Also why would you need a dead zombie in your base? Also that would make the game laggy af.

i think it would be cool if in a gunfight your groupmate was injured and could be carried as he says here but in a friendly, rescuing way.


instead of being shot in the leg this whole mechanic can only be applied when you yourself use the surrender emote

inb4 someone crucifies an in-game jesus christ

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Also looting surrendering people is confirmed.

so if thats confirmed then doing everything else while surrending should be possible, without this all the arguments everyone presents seems, valid