Beta Feedback

Hopped back into the beta today and wanted to give some feedback.


  • Add a drift noise when your car starts skidding (not as loud as the braking skid noise though). I think this would make drifting more fun.
  • Tires look like they’re slightly floating when driving on roads. I would lower the car height from the ground to look flush when a flat side of the tire is parallel with the street.
  • When you walk around while in the inspect menu the slots move around slightly. This looks a bit strange to me and makes it just a little harder to select what you want. I think the squares being fixed in place would be better.

Quality of life

  • The input menu is pretty long. It would be easier to navigate if it had subtabs at the top like in Valorant
  • The radial menu that appears (when locking cars for example) would be easier to use if the segments were larger, or if any space behind the segments (relative to the center) would activate them when releasing use with your cursor there.
  • Usually when I inspect my weapon I’m either detaching a magazine or selecting one. After that I almost always press T to close the menu. It would be convenient if that closed automatically. I think 3.0 does this.
  • When freelook toggle is enabled, you can’t press anything in the inspect menu if you were freelooking beforehand. Freelook should stop when you open the inspect menu.
  • It’s a little tedious to open the inspect menu, select the magazine, and then click detach. It would be nice if right-clicking any slot detached the attachment or magazine. I think 3.0 does this as well.
  • I don’t like opening ammo boxes, pulling 5 rounds out, and then moving those into a magazine. It would be nicer if you could just drag an ammo box onto a magazine and release to load the magazine. You should be able to do the same the other way around as well, where you drag a magazine onto an ammo box to move the rounds into the ammo box.
  • The inventory inspect window pops up right over the item you selected which blocks your inventory. I would like it if instead it popped up in some predetermined spot on the side where it doesn’t cover any inventory slots. Alternatively, you could save the position of the first inspect window opened (assuming multiple are open at the same time) and re-open any inspect window there again when anything gets inspected.
  • It’s a little annoying to open an inspect window, close my inventory, and then when I reopen my inventory, I have to close the window. It would be nicer if all inspect windows close when I close my inventory.


  • With freelook bound to alt, alt-tabbing out of Unturned will lock you in freelook as if you had freelook set to toggle. This gets fixed when you press alt again.
  • In the weapon inspect menu, double right-clicking a square will make the player gunbutt themselves.
  • In the firing range, the pink dot on the reflex sight fades and flickers when moving around.
  • If you alt-tab while Unturned II is first loading up and wait until the game has fully loaded to tab back in, you can’t select anything and have to restart.

Other Feedback

  • I really like the animations
  • I like the driving
  • I like the optimization; it’s running very well.
  • The load times are nice and quick.

(If you would like any videos/screenshots of anything in here, I’m happy to provide them)


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