Better Anti-Cheat

Self explanatory title, but I guess I need to type.

In unturned 3.0 there are still some people using invisible hacks and other strange hacks that make the player confused (for example: You are walking down the streets of Moscow in the Russia map and then you suddenly get shot, no noise made by any gun, and then a grenade comes at you and you die.)

If you can get a better anti cheat or make your own then that would be appreciated.

Easier said than done


To be honest, people would say the same thing to every other anti-cheat in the market if any of them are used instead.

Besides I believe cheat protection all depends on how Nelson made the game and if he could get BE to work efficiently. A bonus would be having cheat devs being decent enough to show what to patch in the game (Which unfortunately didn’t happen in 3.0). Can’t say I know what I’m talking about but the whole problem is more difficult than you think.


Isn’t battleye only for unity games? Also I am sure Nelson could find people that would help him patch cheats.

Nope Battleye not for just unity games , however its not that easy to patch cheats i myself i (was) developing cheats for BE , EAC Games i also developed cheat for U3 its easy to make a cheat but the the hard part is (how to bypass the Anti-Cheat) you have to find your own private way to bypass the AC if you found public bypasser its most likley detected by AC so you have to make your own bypassing method or try to figure one however some cheats can get detected if there is a lot of users buying it and use it this is why make your own private cheats is a lot better it will not get detected. me myself i have (signed driver) its one of the bypassing methods for my cheats and i am the only one who use my cheats so this is why the AC cant ban me Summary of speech can you stop cheaters ? the answer is nope, impossible its not that easy to stop the cheats

Cewl hacer bruh

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While improving anti-cheat measures is of course important, I’d also like to chime in on the original point that going invisible as describes is not possible via cheats; quite likely that an admin on the server was abusing a “vanish” admin command.


To be very honest there is no better AC that would fix the problem, there is good AC like EAC ( not much different from BE) but nothing will ever stop cheaters, i really think that EAC is the best solution to UII, no kiddie will know how to make a kernel driver and there will be less cheaters at least, But thats all that can be done.

now, being invisible or any other really weird thing happening most of the time is just a game exploit.

BE , EAC is the same shit but EAC is collect more information from your pc but will EAC fix the cheaters proplem ? no i already bypassed it on Rust and Squad and Battalion1944 but i agree that EAC is a little bit better than BE but meh if you are a good cheats developer like me you can bypass it anyway

you can never have a good anti-cheat,

battleye was good for what it offered.

It is all about trade offs


BattlEye was good fym? It wasn’t the best but for all the options Nelson even had, BattlEye was a significant anti-cheat improvement in Unturned history.

I’ll give you that one. Going from nothing/VAc to BE was a step up.

It’s impossible to make your character 100% transparent? Seems bizarre since it’s just changing how you look towards others. TIL

You cant go 100% invisible but you can go 99.99% invisible

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oof hackermen, sorry! /s

Never said it will solve the problem, Nothing will ever solve the problem, but EAC is the best option available today.

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Cheater is always a cheater no matter what hahaha :smiley:
you already make one for UII with buggy weapon glow so when the game releases in 2020 or whatever you will make one also if you know how to bypass BE Beacuse Nelson is going to add BE to UII

There’s nothing in place in the base vanilla game that should allow for this. That information just isn’t present to be manipulated.


I’ve been Admin in the #1 pure vanilla server (Frosh******) for about two years now. I’d say the number of cheaters is astounding. I can definitely agree that we need a better anti cheat, but we also need a proper staff team on official servers as well as more individuals who can give out game bans if there is sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is cheating. VAC on its own is kind of crap in Unturned, and EAC just isn’t that good. Both need to be worked on and updates drastically, but I think Nelson should develop his own better anti cheat or at least employ a better one.

What do you guys think?

Hey Davidj :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually its not that easy nelson making his own Anti-Cheat even if he make one it will be worse than BE,EAC The Best AC Available today is BattlEye and nelson should ask them to implement (HWID Bans)
like DayZ,R6S,ArmA3 Which means if a cheater got banned he cant play the game again and you said number of cheaters is astounding in 3.0 is beacuse there is flaw in 3.0 where BattlEye Cant even detected public cheats!!! yeah there is public cheats on (Youtube) Where BattlEye Could Detected it easily beacuse its on publicly site like youtube but BattlEye Cant Detected it … this is why its astounding beacuse there is flaw in 3.0 where you could add the cheat into the game file and inject it then removing a file called modules however nelson did remove that modules file from the game Entierly did it fix the proplem ? no … another bypassing way using file called (Unturned_Data) However its not nelson’s proplem its beacuse of that shitty engine called Unity where you could remove unity game file and cheat lol :rofl: so moving to UE4 is the best decision he made which will fix all these flaw’s if nelson know how to build the game correctly however EAC is easy to bypass than BE so the winning card for nelson is to add BE and ask them to implement HWID Bans for UII Beacuse nothing can stop cheaters even if nelson make his own AntiCheats which will never happens :+1: