Better dimensions for Unturned Playermodel


I dont think there has been any discussion regarding this topic (correct me if I am wrong). I feel like the Unturned character model seems a bit short and stubby, slightly more so than it was on 2.0

The current character model is 1 block^3 for head, 2x2 blocks^3 for body, and 2x1 blocks^3 for arms and legs

Might I suggest 3x2 for body, 3x1 for arms and legs, and 1x1 for head?

Maybe Unturned can have Fat/Short/Tall/Skinny versions with different dimensions? or a Female version with two 1x1x1 cube breasts?

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There is already a topic since you asked

And I don’t really agree with your proposal (Especially the female bit, eugh). Yes it’s roughly the same and I think the current player model is fine, we had this style for about 4 years (Includes 1.0, 2.0, 3.0).

And it’s unisex, the gender is what you determine with the hair and face.

The only thing people want is to change how fat the arms are, or atleast change how we see them in first person. Currently it takes a lot of the screen and it’s not convenient for a lot of people


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