They spawn on a random tree that becomes their assigned “nest” and fly around in a random path for 5 minutes and land to the nearest tree to rest for 2 minutes. After that, they fly again for 5 minutes or when night comes they fly back to their spawn tree. Shooting them out of the sky will make them drop dead to the ground, making them collectable for meat and feathers, but using weapons of too high caliber or from too close (say a 7.62x54R or a buckshot within 20 meters) will make them explode midair, making them unsalvageable except for a rare chance of a feather drop.


It would also be a good option to add domestic birds like chicken that give eggs and wild turkeys which have the same function as the birds mentioned in the Post but give much more meat.


Ok, but what are you going to do with feathers? Arrows?

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Certain types of feathers are noted for being comfortable and insulating. Other feathers might be used for fletching projectiles such as arrows, darts, and bolts, for writing with quill and ink, for creating fishing lures, or for adding strength to pottery. Also they make your headwear more stylish.


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