Blocked off areas

Basically, you need to do certain things to get to certain areas, ex. Need a axe to break through barricades, need a fire extinguisher to get into an area blocked off by fire, need explosives to blow through an area blocked by a collapse or concrete.

These areas would usually have something worth the effort.

You get the idea.


I like this idea. Maybe even make it so that you have to craft a makeshift fire extinguisher or such so you would have to collect materials and make progress to get to that one area. It would be really rewarding depending whats inside.

Or you could wear fire resistant clothing, or throw, water, sand, or a fire blanket onto the fire. I do kind of like the idea of having another option on how to get through Cologne (not saying Germany will be ported into Unturned II, just using it as an example) but I have to wonder why the same arguments for why spraying chemicals to get rid of part of the deadzone would be bad for the meta, don’t apply to spraying chemicals to get rid of part of a fire.

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This seems like a very good idea, would add some extra challenge/fun to maps.

No, I was more of meaning to put out a hallway or passageway thats so covered in flames that you cant get through even with fire resistant clothing.

I was comparing

to using another civilian grade chemical spray for looting other end game locations.

I do not see how a fire node on a 3.X happening to overlap with a deadzone node explains why you should be able to spray away endgame barriers with civilian grade item.

Ah. That makes sense. The way you worded that was initially unclear.

I thought you were arguing the Cologne deadzone should be clearable with some sort of chemical.

Maybe in singleplayer, it could be implemented so you can go to the next map. (Like in The Long Dark)

Although this sounds like a good idea, each map is put into different parts of the world. It would be odd seeing Germany next Washington. 2 maps that contain rivers, and not oceans for a immersive way of traveling.

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What I mean is like this; crossing the Confederation Bridge sends you to the Yukon, then using Dynamite to blow open one of the southern tunnels in the Yukon to get to Washington.

I believe here I have covered how utterly ridiculous this is previously in the link below. It makes zero sense since these are geographically nowhere near each other. Y’all gotta brush up on your geography.

tl;dr: hell no.

It was an example, bud…

That doesn’t justify the fact that it’s a bad and easy to criticize example.

Point being, I’m firmly against fast travel between maps unless they’re literally right beside each other (which let’s be real, is extremely unlikely anyways)

The Long Dark is very, very different and has small, fictional regions that are geographically next to each other (literally within walking distance), therefore it works well for TLD. But not in UII.

I fully agree with it. Maybe some more stuff thats a lot more creative and less straightforward tho.

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I do like the Idea that the bridge does connect you to another map like Yukon or what ever, but then you have other maps that are geographically nowhere near each other. Sure there some places that are close to each other like washington and Hawaii, but then there’s other places like Russia, Germany, and some of the curated maps, that are nowhere near eachother

Because Unturned II will definitely have it’s maps based on the same locations as Unturned 3.X?

Do you only want the maps to be based on one location? Because I think almost everyone wants a diverse set of maps that look and play differently.

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What I want or assume map locations will be like is unimportant to this thread.

what an interesting turn of events on a topic. going from a Topic about knocking down a charred wall goes to blowing a tunnel to access a whole new map on the other side of the world

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The fact that cologne’s fires have been lasted for-fricking-ever even in a rainy weather still rusted me inside.