Board games (Hear me out it gets better with context)

Ever get bored of slaughtering dozens of random naked people and zombies that’re as dangerous as a potato? Simple solution!

Run down to that one random apartment in Russia, you know the one… They have plenty of Board Games. Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, grab what you like. Now you can enjoy challenging your server-mates with a classic challenge of wit and fun, before mowing them down for losing. Just place it where you wish. Tables, floors, even underwater (not reccomended).

A simple 2-person UI will appear after interacting with the game, allowing you to move your pieces and control basic functions such as dropping out, or even betting items or Experience.

Now, yeah I know this idea is cancer. But it’ll make Arena servers a lot more fun, with something to pass the time, and will also give you a reason to kidnap Little Timmy (because kids love being forced against their will to play games invented in the 13th century)

Nelson is also doing more Technical work, making a prime suggestion for a fluff addition to keep players happy. Modders can also benefit by putting their favorite games in, allowing more players in more complex games.


I mean, I dont really get bored. When I used Spyjack’s entertainment mod, I just used the radios. Why do we even need a separate UI to bet each other items? Chat exists.

Probably to prevent miscommunication/lying, and to encourage people to do it to begin with.

I’ve had this idea a long time ago but never put it out there.

I’m glad you did.

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I like this idea a lot. It would definitely help improve the waiting time in arena lobbies and I think it would be an interesting way to settle disputes on PvE servers.

“Aha! Checkma-” A new round has started

But in all seriousness, if it’s not too hard to implement then It’d certainly be nice. Maybe just a checkers version to keep things simple for Nelson, but still allowing modders to tinker with board games.

The title says it all
At first i was like “Ummmmm… wut ._. ?”
But after reading, then i would say that it would definitely be a great addition.

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It’s a good and simple idea.

Reminds me of a 3.x mods that did that and playing on a server with my mates on that mod