Body fight

You could get behind the enemies and press F to apply an arm wrench, stay squeezing until he suffocates and dies but he can defend himself by pressing F faster than you, so he goes free ready for more attacks

I’m just gonna repeat what I said about this type of combat on another earlier post.


This is a QTE (quick time event) and they are almost completely frowned upon by everyone on the forums for the following reasons

  1. Really uninteresting, mashing a key for your life isnt a fun game mechnic
  2. Doesnt reward skill in any semblance of the word, as mashing a button isnt hard
  3. Can easily be cheesed with macros, just set one up to press F every millisecond and you always win no matter what. Battleye cant, and shouldnt detect macros, and also even if there was a limit to how fast you can press it you can always make a macro to do it as fast as possible

To start, I don’t think this method of fighting would be practical to begin with.

But your idea is also very much lacking in “fun.”

Many anti-cheats, including BattlEye, will detect macro tools. Most games will ban you for using them (or auto-clickers), or with BattlEye as the anti-cheat you’ll usually just be kicked.

Macros (and other such things) are frowned upon in a lot of games. This is partly what resulted in the “semi auto bug” (which was intentional as a countermeasure, iirc).

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Well it’s just a suggestion, Nelson who is responsible for adapting the suggestions for the mechanics of the game

Poorly structured suggestions can’t be adapted. Please don’t use that as justification for throwing ideas out. There’s nothing wrong with poorly made ideas, but it’s your idea. If you make a post, you’re responsible it.

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Wait? It did?

I hope we won’t have to patch that exploit like that in 4.0…

Semi-auto seems to have a similar cap already, if you look in the ability stats devlog. All firing modes have their firerate independent from each other though, unlike how it’s done in Unturned 3.

Tbh though, since BattlEye should be banning people for macros/auto-clickers, it shouldn’t be that needed still (in Unturned 3) anyways, similar to how there’s authoritative mode/physics.

I’m new to this post I did based on some mechanics already suggested, no I did not copy, just tried simplifying this is just an example, what I really wanted to be added to the unturned are farm animals, horses and etc would help to make small agricultural societies on servers, if that answer has no meaning is why I’m using the google translator on google’s website, which sucks, very different from the mobile app

…this is so goddamn unnecessary

I can just program my keyboard to spam (QTE key) 50-250 times rapidly when I press my extra programmable keys

(Actually this brings up a good point on the ethics of macro/micro keys. I’m sure someone with more time and a higher IQ could write a good post on this)

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Where’s GHJ when you need him? XD

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He disappeared after he wasn’t mentioned in that other post.

Probably tracking down the one who made the post to assassinate him

Or college.

That too .

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