Bored at college so lets debate: Weapon balance

helo chat
im kinda bored and i gotta farm engagement stats so lets debate balance
(im also messin with the idea of my own kitpvp and i wanna know how people feel about certain balance ideas)

feel free to debate literally any idea to do with weapon balance.

ill start us off: what about the idea of making engagements/the TTK longer and more aim based by halfing the damage of all weapons?

exception weapons that have to be good like snipers or weapons that are low in damage output already.

Aug is probably the most balanced gun in the game. Doesn’t need any damage reduction


All pistols should be tretiary and the teklowka should be fully automatic


hm, havent used the aug enough to comment. ill hop on creative later with it then get back to you on that one

what do you think of other weapons being halved, like the maplestrike?

the Vonya should actually spawn in the game


i wouldnt say pistols. melees yes, unturned is one of the games that doesnt follow the “primary, secondary, melee” inventory scheme, instead opting for “primary, secondary” or “primary, melee”

as for the tec9, yea i dont see why it cant be fullauto

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so fucking real for this one


Currently LMGs are terribly balanced, back then both LMGs could raid, but now only the military MG, the dragonfang, can raid, but Nykorev is insanely underrated in PVP.
So what if both LMGs were raiding LMGs and we would introduce 2 LMGs that would not raid.


Pistols are completely useless for what they are, get into seattle, find a colt and tell me how fast will you replace it with a peacemaker which you found in the middle of seattle.


hm, true, i also feel like pistols dont have a point to em?

i wanna know what people think of the idea of halfing all weapon damage vs players in order to make fights more aim-based and the TTK more fair

The glong is the best weapon in unturned. Fight me.

Being able to hotkey handguns and knives would be neat imo, but only the “weaker” ones, not stuff like the Desert Falcon, Revolver or Cobra.

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also specifically the Determinator, it would be DISGUSTINGLY overpowered as a hotkey

Avenger and Kryzkarek are pretty useless as they consume Low Cal Ranger / Military ammunition. Easy solution for this is making them use low cal civilian ammo.

+Fix Bluntforce’s position in character’s hands (not saying how it sounds in Unity because some people wouldn’t understand).
It’s really do-able, come on.

+Maplestrike (slightly nerf it by highering recoil and spread)

+Buff Bayonet’s damage and make the use button for it configurable in Controls.

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Like 1911 (a.k.a Colt)

Btw, this weapons is a complete joke - I really cannot believe .45 acp weapon deals the same damage as .22 LR Sportshot.

the 1911 is just a worse sportshot

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Nah I don’t like Apex Legends tbh

Frankly instead of pistols having hotkeys, I think it would be better if you could run with them while shooting and looking down the sight, it adds more to there “light” nature, this would feel less arbitrary then “some pistols can be hotkeyed” and would be less broken then letting all pistols be hotkeyed

for sake of argument, all 2x2 sized weapons are pistols if they can shoot

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