Brainstorm ways to technically get away with KOS on RP

Personally my favorite power move is find literally any police or military larp player, use stealy, steal their car, start driving off. 10 times out of 10 they can’t handle you taking their car (even on creative RPs) and will shoot at you, giving you self defense to shoot back.

9/10 times I wanna fuck with someone I’ll do it this way.

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Check if the server has a duty to retreat, homestead some random shack in the street and proceed to dome trespassers after yelling hands up or be tazed three times


i remember once there was an rp server that had no punishment for people who ran others over as long as they were in the road so i was crossing the road and get flattened (the dude could clearly see me) and was like tf wrong wtih u dawg this the crosswalk but i lost my all my shit and he got away with it (lame ass server do NHOT join.)


Its really sad having to play on RP servers to get kills. Join normal servers and stop being a pussy. It buffles me how “rp trolling” or breaking rules on random rp servers isnt being seen as something bad here. Just let these kids enjoy their time playing some RP?


Be this guy

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It is without a doubt exhilarating to fuck up shitty unfair P2W RP servers while still following their shit rules. Have you been on YouTube in the past few months? SalC1 and other Minecraft content creators have started getting hundreds of thousands of views on videos where they intentionally fuck up P2W servers.

Not only is it popular; it’s the right thing to do. :wink:

also it doesn’t have to be a p2w one. You can still play RP to kill, because it’s a PvP server. People expect PvP with RP elements. That isn’t really “trolling”

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Man, you really have some mental problems


killing people is a thing that will always exist in unturned
in order to prevent this, you need constant moderation on the server. you don’t want your server to be like ACK, where moderators show up for 12 minutes and then dip.

another solution is a private server system. interview, application, and age requirement will allow only the mature and older players to play.

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It’s fair to go be dickheads to the P2W servers players?

the videos you list are things that would anger the admin team which is why they seem cool. but going onto a server just to essentially kos random people and cause them to lose their gear/money/time etc is lame


i had an rp server that had damn near zero KoSers/fail RP not too long ago

all players were required to record and preferably use highlights software like AMD Instant Replay, NVIDIA shadowplay, obs, even windows DVR for those with toasters (recorded with x264) and/or didnt know how to configure recording software. everyone that could play unturned with at least 20 fps, could easily record the game with windows DVR at minimum.

if something lame like kos happens they upload to youtube/streamable and make a ticket on discord, suspect gets punished accordingly, and in some situations suspect is penalized (typically thru money) if he took something and that is given back to victim

if suspect has been playing on the server for less than around 24h they get a permaban no matter the offense to combat those who RP serverhop to kos

with that being said admins were only on for like ~8 of the 24 hours in a day since i couldnt find eu mods lol

obviously there was kosers but it was immediately punished and compensated well


No one is breaking rules lol.

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He cannot keep getting away with this

“Its okay to do because I agree with the motives”
Meanwhile if someone misgenders a dude in your total direct demcoracy he gets gulagd


this is based


So breaking rules is “the right thing to do” just because you dont agree with what others do?
Making a server Pay2Win is 0% wrong. They are not breaking any rules or laws. You are the only one being a moron and doing something harmful to others. I recommend you to go outside and catch some fresh air karen


P2W is a cancer of Unturned servers. You need explanation?

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Regarding the whole P2W server situation thing, the Minecraft videos, while they do affect the players on the server, it’s more an attack on the people managing and hosting the server, especially when it comes to dupes.

I mean, sure, every once in a while it is fun to shoot some kids in a video game who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, but do they really deserve it though? Like, the whole point of a P2W server is to prey on kids and get them to whip out their mom’s credit card, is the best way to get amusement to relieve them of the stuff they spent money on?

Eh, I’m kinda just spitballing here, but it seems kinda counterintuitive that you cite the Minecraft duping stuff as a great thing, but instead of ruining the server’s economy you go and attack the people who paid money, as if they’re guilty by association.

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It’s cancer to you, exactly. But there is a reason to why those servers are by far much more populated than normal ones. If you don’t enjoy it, ignore it. But don’t try to ruin it for those that are playing on P2W servers. People that enjoy those servers specifically might leave the game entirely if there wouldn’t be any P2W servers anymore or if there was people ruining their gameplay experience over and over again

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since I wasn’t clear on what I do, I typically do the stealy method with staff members or players who have bought ranks. I don’t do it to random kids. I find it fun and fulfilling. Do people who shoot me really deserve to die? Well yes. But especially so if they buy ranks that makes the gameplay worse for everyone else.

talking point debunked in the RFC

explained in the RFC

I don’t know, or have ever, met someone who intentionally plays on unfair servers - let alone because they find them more “enjoyable”.

perhaps you should have participated in the RFC where I (to put lightly) beat crony loser server owners ass’s and debunked all p2w talking points. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me, myself and I enjoy those servers as they make the game quite convenient to play sometimes!!