Brief Voice Acting?

Since Unturned 4.0 will give the players the option of choosing between female and male. Might as well add a few sounds to the character. Like running out energy will give out a panting sound effect of the male/female. Same with power attacks. Giving out a small sound of the character using a lot of energy with the thrust. Also with diving and having Oxygen reach less than 10% then reaching the surface will result in the character gasping for air. Also landing from a big fall that results in a loss of health. And an even louder moan of pain when a broken bone occurs


Maybe even a shivering gasp when cold, coughing when infected,and maybe a periodic moan/grunt when bleeding


Coughs from infection should only appear when your health starts going down to prevent the character from spam coughing and exposing your location.
And bleeding grunts occur when you’re below 30% health (when the screen starts turning gray)


Kinda like the Long Dark?

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Oh I thought this was client side only

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It should be server-sided
To give others a good feel of the game


Awe hell yeah

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I see an issue with that which occurs in Day Of Infamy, you usually yell ‘RELOADING!’ or ask for help, which attracts enemy attention quite a lot. So being sneaky is quite difficult. But as sneaking is really not a brilliant tactic in DOI, it’s not much of a problem, but would be in Unturned as it’s the most obvious choice for non-suicidals.

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In a survival situation, you won’t be screaming “reloading” because it’s not war.
Also, i don’t think anyone shivering from coldness can be heard unless the person is up in your face. Cough is inevitable irl too, if you’re very sick or bleeding out, you will let out a few sounds of pain. However, they will not be as loud for they can only be heard from 10m distance. That’s what I think would be a good way to work this mechanic out

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I never said I wanted yelling ‘reloading!’ to be added, but my bad for misinterpreting what you meant, thought you were suggesting sounds louder more than simple shivers and quiet moans.

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What other sounds did I suggest? :laughing:
I only want these simple voices to be added so the player can have a feel of immersion in the game


Would be great, I wouldn’t mind voice acting for the characters!

Sounds like a great idea! I think it would be cool if, in certain situations, such as when doing an easter egg or when you’re doing a special quest, your character talks about what they’re doing or what they see.

That would be too much, we’re talking unspoken reactions here

Voice acting to the fullest is too much. All I ask for is the sounds of the character, like in Skyrim. Grunts, Moans, and these sound tat you make when you take damage

Given Unturned’s minimalistic, low-poly artstyle it would seem rather unfitting. If I’m not mistaken, Nelson planned to add a reflective finish to vehicles at some point but changed his mind for the same reason - it would ruin the feel of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the idea, as long as it doesn’t end up like minecraft’s voice-acting I would very much like to see more lively characters.

ever played Skyrim and heard the noises that your character makes?
same shit

No, i’ve played a lot of other games that do have voice acting, none of which have the specific artstyle of Unturned, which is the point i was trying to make in my entire post…

well, the whole aim of this topic is to let the character emit unspoken sounds. Like grunts when bleeding below 30% health. Coughs when losing health because of infection. a small inner gasp when the player has been falling for +10m. a small moan when damage is recieved due to fall damage. and so on…n\o words, just reaction

how about the ‘oof’