Bring back Bran Cereal

I’m certain everybody who played 2.0 remembers the gem in the markets of P.E.I known as the Bran Cereal, the 2.0 times were the greatest time because of such a commodity but upon the release of 3.0 and through the Bran Cereal brand has mysteriously disappeared from existence.
I strive to bring back Bran Cereal from the grave to be in our daily bowls of cold milk and cereal once again, please do vote here and perhaps Lord Nelson should consider it?

Edit: I should put this on the 4.0 section as a suggestion.

Edit2: And i did! Petition to Bring Back Bran Cereal?


Where’s my chili, Nolsen?


I want cereal.

Chili from 1.0 +1

Christ, dude! Talk about a necropost!

3 months later

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