Bring Horde Mode in 4.x

I was thinking when I saw the new devlog and it was talking about custom gamemodes. I thought of a gamemode in which you and a 10 other people are on a team and you build a base and have to withstand hordes or waves of zombies. I think the gamemode should be called Withstand. The Withstand gamemode will be a cool gamemode in Unturned 4.0.

Comment any ideas/gamemodes

sorry if i cant spel :slight_smile:

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There is a horde mode planned somewhere down the line IIRC, and while it may not end up having exactly ten players, base building resources, or zombies arriving in waves, it would probably provide a template for a custom ‘Withstand’ game mode.



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in this thread, there is a suggestion about a Fox Hunt Gamemode, which many people haven’t given feedback.

Horde mode will work in waves, its gonna be based off the old 3.0 horde mode thats sorta broken now but still works.

That’s not relevant. We’re discussing horde mode.

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Horde mode… now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while…

What are you talking about? It’s called fortnite!


Well played.

A reference to the real, non-BR Fortnite.

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Do you mean [Early Access] Fornite: Save the World

I think you’re taking what he said out of context:

“There seems to be some concern in the community that the modding and plugin potential will be lessened compared to 3, but the opposite is true: all kinds of awesome stuff will now be possible such as custom item functionality, modded vehicle types, custom game modes, etc.”

This doesn’t mean he will add custom game modes, it means that custom game modes will be supported as mods/plugins.

Well to be precise, that would probably be the module system, not mods or plugins.

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What is the module system you are referring to? The only one I know of is in Unturned 3, which as far as I know won’t be continued in Unturned 4.

It’s sounds like Fortnite

Changed the title a bit to something a bit more relevant

Good. I’ll delete my other post

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