Buak updates?

Mostly making this because i missed the 30 day timer to continue the disscussion on Thoughts on Buak on this post the creator could answer some of the gameplay related questions that where asked there and talk about any planned updates aswell as recieve suggestions from me and other members of the community.

My thoughts on buak. Mostly ballanced (even in times loot servers as most of the gear you have to farm / find)

While the craftable gun recipes are good they are most of the time not used (due to beeing too expensive if you have the resources and too much work when compared to going to look for those same guns where they spawn / are dropped)

It seems like most of the gun recipes where made similar to not encounter ballance issues, but that just makes the bad guns not worth crafting and the good guns while more worth it, just too expensive to craft.

While i like the current way they are, i think introducing broken versions of the guns could be the fix by having each gun have a broken variant spawn in cities at very low chances to be found and used in new added crafting recipes with less materials as an alternative to create the gun.

I like how removing durability feels like part of the map is gone, but lets face it not every player/server owner feels that way, so i think some items like knife sharpener and gun repair kits etc should have more uses perhaps the knife sharpener could be used on worse tier tools to upgrade them into a sharpened version of that item (giving more resource damage, but having less durability and upping the rarity while looking like the same item) Same for some melee weapons ,creating versions that always give bleed or sharpening arrows by the dozen to do more damage, but break faster.

If anyone else has suggestions post them below and hopefully there will be enough to add the best into a new update for buak if the creator is willing.

I ran around Buak in singleplayer to farm achievements. I didn’t like it. The looting system (the common way to do it on most curated maps now) is meh. Then there is other stuff I am too lazy to write about. The amount of work and quality assets put in the map, the cutscenes - all of that is a big wow from me, but to think, we could use these textures and new objects to overhaul vanilla maps.

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Personally I like the loot progression since you are forced to use more early game weapons commonly overlooked, might just be me though.

Sadly, I don’t think any of that stuff will ever be used to overhaul vanilla maps, at least by Nelson. On the bright side, I think this will raise the bar for future curated maps and we will likely see more with an actual story + cutscenes.

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