Buckshot Variations!

Shotguns are guns that have wildly varied ammo types, with various cartridges to choose from. I suggest the following (not necessarily real-life accurate) to be in the game.

  • Regular shells - Nothing to explain here;
  • Armor Piercing shells - Reduce the protection capacity of armored players, very ineffective (for a gun) in unarmored players;
  • Hollow Point shells - More accurate, less spread. Moderately ineffective towards armored players;
  • Incendiary shells - Pretty self-explanatory. If it hits an object, should start a “burning” effect (Area Damage), if hitting a player, should make them catch on fire (obviously) and deal damage over time.
  • Fragmentation shells - Has Area Damage, acts similarly to a Frag and should be use more tactically (shooting to the ground to get a group, etc.).

Feel free to suggest more buckshot variations, thank you for taking a look at my suggestions :slight_smile:

P.S.: Partially inspired by Fallout: New Vegas (xD).


Alright, first of all, shotguns are different. Buckshot in of itself is a type of round.

Known as flechette, by the way. And they’re very effective, regardless of what someone is wearing. Having six quarter-inch steel darts flying through you won’t feel too good.

You physically cannot have a hollowpoint shotgun. Doesn’t work like that.

These are literally the same thing, they’re called Dragon’s Breath shells.

In any case you forgot slugs, which are a solid projectile, birdshot, a wall of small pellets, ferret rounds, which penetrate and then release a gas payload, bolo rounds, which have two lead balls attatched by a wire, and piranha shells, which are full of tacks.

By suggesting hollowpoint shells and fragmentation ones, you’ve proven that you just haven’t done any research on this beforehand and that you have almost no prior knowledge on weapons other than what brief exposure you’ve had in games. I might be a bit too hard on you, but it’s true.



Stop. Realism, especially when it comes to something as irrelevant as bullets just not existing (especially when the entire premise of the game is fantasy) shouldn’t matter in any way shape or form. If he was “triggering” gun nuts like you by making wild assumptions about super technical parts of bullets (which I guess he did with hollow point) that would be fair, but when someones is suggesting adding gameplay variation (in the form of fire vs explosive bullets) which would improve the game by allowing enemies be weak to explosives and fire, and just making the game more fun as you can goof around with new mechanics, you are directly putting realism over gameplay. This with the cherry on top of a fairly rude rate of his post (which you seem to be trying to push by the rating on YOUR posts, straight up comparing your posts, with you being a good forum regular who has been around for a year against someone who joined an HOUR ago) is condescending.

TL:DR Dont be a meanie weanie gun nut to newcomers


Well still, it’s pretty dang obvious that shotguns CANT have hollowpoint,cause they don’t even have a point on the bullet to begin with, and it shoots a bunch of mini spheres that can’t be hollow without it shattering them on impact.

Though, you can blame the misconceptions on left 4 deads stuff.

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Oh, don’t pull the ‘fastasy’ card with me. The only thing that mildly resembles fantasy are the enemies, otherwise everything is based solidly in fact.
And I didn’t shoot down the explosive and fire rounds entirely, I just said that Dragon’s breath shells do both in one compact package.

I’m not being a meanie weenie gun nut, if I wanted to be technical I could have gone even deeper and pointed out that spread isn’t regulated by the type of shell, unless its a slug, and rather by using barrel attachments exclusively made for shotguns such as chokes.

So essentially, my counterargument is that I’m not being a hyper triggered gun nut and instantly shooting down his post, nor am I promoting realism over gameplay, I just pointed out a couple faults and the fact that he clearly didn’t do any prior research before making this post, and that maybe he should become more knowledgeable on the subject instead of coming up with a post that makes him look ignorant.


This is the most ironic comment of All Time


@Tan the key feature of shot shells, which you seem to have missed, is that you can load them with shot (numerous small pellets) which comes in various sizes (namely buckshot and birdshot) and can be made from various materials. These abnormal slug variants are cool and all, but there needs to be some types of shotshells that actually fire shot.

Slugs exist.

Incendiary shells as described above sounds more like a 12-gauge flare, while the fragmentation shell simply doesn’t have anything to do with dragon’s breath shells. Sounds more like the explosive 8 mm Mauser and 7.62 mm Russian cartridges that were used in WWII aircraft/anti-aircraft machine guns and allegedly used by snipers, except saboted or scaled up to function as a shotgun slug.


what if a shotgun shot assault rifle ammo but in the form of a buckshot…


Ah yes, because you can take multiple shots to the chest, starve after 3 days etc. The game isn’t realistic because its a game, and it should stay this way. I don’t know what card you are trying to pull here, other than wanting all ammunition to adhere to reality 100%

I mean if incendiary and fragmentation rounds are being melded into one shot you shot one of them down. :thinking:

I mean if the research is that specific, I dont really see any need for it. The man wants to light things on fire and blow things up with two separate bullets, and I dont see anything wrong with it. If the bullet has a real life counterpart, then it does, if it is fictional, then its fictional. I dont think adhering to rules in real life should hinder fun game mechanics, like explosive shotgun rounds. The post isnt ignorant, its just a guy who wants to shoot some cool bullets.

Nothing wrong with a little condescension towards people being condescending towards people who dont know all that much better


I’ll have to remember that one the next time I play Scrabble.


Thats a word right? Right?

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I knew shotgun slugs existed. I was talking about the pellets.

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Tel me you’re joking.
Because if not, then I don’t know what to tell you.


so apparently correcting an obviously incorrect statement is condescending now

jesus fucking christ people like you are why (some) aussie universities are literally banning sarcasm


Sorry gang, I just feel like you cant correct something thats fictional, but I guess I’m wrong

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ok, here’s the problem with your theory, buddy:


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People have some kind of discussion on this topic. I’m just gonna say that it is very nice idea to add new shotgun shells :smiley:

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Like pulpfreewater said below, I wasn’t striving for realism in this suggestion, especially considering I only have very basic knowledge of guns in general. I think most of the playerbase would like bullets like these in the game, even though they’re not very accurate. It makes more sense logistically and gameplay-wise having the Hollow Point and Armor Piercing counterparts, for example. Or F:NV wouldn’t have did it… Thanks for the critique anyways, have a nice day :smiley:

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You can have a hollowpoint shotgun.

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Also, I think people kinda misinterpreted what I meant with the post (or I wrote it poorly). I didn’t even know there were real Incendiary or Frag shells for Shotguns, I just thought it would be nice to have that bizarre variant in the game. Sorry for that! By the way, Unturned doesn’t strive for pure realism in any way, like RedComm is stating, for example, as pulp stated, you can take multiple shots to the chest, survive headshots, etc…

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