Bug Report Megathread [UII Vehicle Demo]

Note: This megathread should be used for reporting bugs found in the UII Vehicle Demo.

This should be a nice and centralized place to make somewhat sporadic bug reports regarding the vehicle demo, since many of the testers have found bugs that are report worthy, but not enough so to warrant an entire post.

Ideally, please provide as much info as possible, including:

  • description on the bug itself, with an approximate date and time of discovery
  • potentially details on how the bug may be reproduced
  • screenshots or other visual/technical evidence
  • any related specs if necessary
  • all possible extra information that could be helpful, e.g. error logs

Also, any reporting pertaining to solely FPS or performance may likely belong better in this thread:

Report away, fellas!


Get a car stuck in a wedge and crash another car into it (unreliable)

Go next to a wall and get out of the car (reliable)

-No error logs for some reason…that could be a bug itself.

Sorry for the awful quality, OBS decided to not be a good boy today.

Sometimes after alt-tabbing and exiting a vehicle, the camera will behave as if the player is still in the vehicle, in some sort of freeaim: in third person the camera can show 360 degrees and in first person the view is restricted to 90 degrees on each side and 45 up. The player cannot use their mouse for direction himself.

The bug happens semi commonly and often on the Montreal Server, rarely on localhost and happened once in the France server.

Found a bug where if the car was flipped on the side, blocking the driver’s door, you’ll get stuck inside the car if you try to exit.

When two cars are rubbing up against eachother the audio starts to “degrade” and starts almost sounding windy. I got the cars to rub against eachother like they are in the video by attempting to land a car ontop of the other while going off the ramp (evil knievel style) but I didnt fully succeed. I managed to recreate it 3 times. The audio keeps getting worse even if you stay in the car, it just is easier to hear how bad it gets when you go out of it.

Found Nov. 8, 2018 at approx. 9:30 AM
Basically, there’s a little exploit with the way animations work that allow you to “teleport” into the car and skip the getting in animation completely by pressing any car function button with animations (other than pressing the accelerator). There is also possibly a slight oversight that similarly allows the player to start moving the car forward/backward before the animation of getting into the car is finished.

If I had to guess, this is a pretty easy fix by likely just locking all car functions until the “getting in” animation is completed, but what do I know.

If you leave the car while honking it just keeps honking

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If you spam jump towards the cliffside on top of the lower tunnel entrance, you can get through the ground.

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