Bullet Calibers

I’m not a bullet expert, i know the nato uses like 5.56 ammo or something. and i think for unturned 2 the calabiers should stay as numbers.

Different Ammo
(insert the measurement here, cause i don’t know)
We need civilian, Nato/Military, ranger/ect and special.
We should also have things like hollow point, full metal jacket, penetrating ect.

Different Calibers
Makeshift: low,medium,high for pistols, rifles and snipers/sharpshooters.
Civilian: Pistol rounds(small bullets), Rifle rounds(large bullets). that and all the hollow points, ect.

Nato/ranger: low(smg bullets and pistols), medium (for assault rifles), High (for sharp shooter rifles and snipers).
there would be tracer and frag rounds for nato, but probably not ranger.

Special: medium(some assault rifles), High (for the most powerful Snipers, Barret 50cal ect)

There would also be other ammo. Shells and rockets, and grenade launcher cartridges.
I was also think incendiary shells for shotguns.

Could somebody comment some bullet calibers measurements so i can put them in.

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Nah, not low, medium and high. That’s much too generalized and rather a system based on individual calibers such as 9x19mm, 7.62x51mm, etc. would work better.


i was asking for the mesurements in mm, thanks

The suggestion is a bit vague, I’d presume upon the basis of the amount of types which you had listed under “Different Ammo” that you want bullets to be represented by their real life dimensions, and are asking for the sizes judging by your last statement.

In which case I direct you to this mess of a thread: Bullet Suggestions

If you mean otherwise: please extrapolate.

I have an idea with civilian 223 will be more common than 5.56mm NATO and 223 will be less powerfull than 5.56. And for hunting you can use 30.06 and maybe Nelson can implament a reloading bench were you can make homemade 223 and homemade 308 ammo ect. And you will have to find the schematics for how much smokeless powder how much the bullet should weigh. And you can reuse and maybe find spent cases and reload them but if you do not have the proper skills for reloading or else the bullet might explode in the chamber and will severely damage the gun or if it is at a low durability the gun itself will explode in you hands.

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