Bullet Suggestions

  1. Create different calibers
    -Potentially include 9mm, .45, 5.7mm, 5.56, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x52mm, 7.62x54mm, 0.50, etc.
    -Different calibers have different speed, penetration, and damage.

  2. Create bullet types
    -Subsonics and supersonics. Subsonics are slower and deal less damage, supersonics make sonic booms.
    -Hollow points cause bleeding and have little penetration but high damage.
    Armor piercing has high penetration but little damage.
    -FMJ has average stats.


Many people already discussed different calibers but I think it’s always good to revise a topic. I think maybe the only bullet types I would see making sense would be FMJ and armor piercing and maybe tracers. But other than that i think ur not gonna find any of those fancy things as-well they seem kinda unnecessary to have to specify whether or not a bullet is subsonic or supersonic. I mean i don’t wanna have to read a paragraph everytime im looking for a bullet for a gun.


Confirmed in devlog 5 https://blog.smartlydressedgames.com/unturned-4-x-devlog-005/#more-250

Would be interesting for lots of things i.e, tracers blowing up gas tanks and things like that, there are plenty of cool additions that would be possible.


You know, slower bullets acctualy does more damage then faster ones

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Goats Logic: Man has no emotions for paintball bullets Hitting him

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I honestly like the unturned system, other games are confusing with all these ammo types, I think it would be better just to have civilian and military (High caliber, low caliber)

All of this is basically confirmed. (But your information about sub/super sonic bullets is incorrect. Along with your simplified stats of hollowpoint, fmj, and ap.)

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Care to elaborate?

Only if overpenetration with supers is a factor.

Goat wtf on you on about? Super Bullets? Subsonic Shit? im sorry but im not the smartest person around :\

Supersonic vs. Subsonic. Bullets that go really fast and bullets that go kinda fast.

I just hope that in-game the word caliber is used to refer to the bullet/bore diameter of cartridges, barrels, muzzle devices, etcetera.


Personally I think that this new calibers would be a pain in the ass
I prefer UI ammo system :stuck_out_tongue:

@Korean, it is confirmed that there will be calibers like this. The Unturned 3.0 system sucks, so i dont know why you want it back.


Well, honestly I don’t mind having more types of calibers etc. but I don’t want to have too much of it, because I easily get lost in all that stuff ._.

It’s not good. Like, not at all. Does anybody in their right mind ever refill their bulldog/yuri/peacemaker/empire magazines after they are spent? No, of course they don’t because you can use the same ammo to fill military magazines/ranger magazines/nykorev boxes/dragonfang boxes. It’s just a waste of ammo. That is why calibers should exist if you ask me.

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Korean has a decent point, I dont want to see ammo reskins, using different ammo in the same gun should actually feel different, to the point where you should be able to guess what ammo you are using. I am not a gun nut and dont really care too much about which kind of 7.62 is in what gun.

Here’s a major difference: velocity, damage, and armor penetration.
Smaller calibers have a higher velocity and penetration, and larger calibers do massive damage as well as blunt trauma.
Not to mention cartridge TYPES.
Certain rounds just won’t fit in another breech, for example rimfire, centerfire, and pinfire.
Saying a 7.62x51mm is the same as a 7.62x54mmR is like saying a racing bike is the same as a touring motorcycle.


It is probably going to be generalised, but more complex than all ranger guns taking ranger ammo and all military guns taking military ammo.

No, no, no.
You just CAN’T stuff the same generalized caliber in a different gun!
7.62x39mm is an intermediate cartridge, for example, while 7.62x54mmR is a FULL-SIZED cartridge.