Calm Down Augewehr

Had a rough day? Calm yourself down with some Augewehr.

This was my first experimental montage, I would appreciate any feedback. (yes I need to get better aim)

Also for some reason Youtube plays the video quality low no matter what I do, so sorry about that.


I wouldn’t exactly consider 1080p “low quality” but that’s your opinion.

man unturned gunplay is even more degenerate then i remember it being


Quality doesnt load for like 10 minutes after upload.

like 70% of those clips you didnt used the scop dissapointment

btw whats the song u playing

Hey I’ve seen this one before


Song is “Черниковская Хата - Ночное Рандеву”

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This song is so relaxing

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nice…know i need to understand what that means in english :confused:

Night date or night meeting.

1440p60 or die

10 megabit download speeds do not go well with that.

I can watch 4k at 60 FPS. It’ll lag out everything else in the house very very hard and it’ll buffer for a little bit but I thought I had the worst internet.

My laptop display is 1920x1080 so I don’t have a reason to go higher than that. I can destroy the internet just by transferring files even though it isn’t the worst around.

link of the speed tester

Original Post was calming, until it got to the part where there was simultaneously pouring rain, sporadic muzzleflashes in the dark, and silhouettes of targets hidden in the shadows.

It’s Google.

i dont have google,nor firefox

The only people who really have a significant portion of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin; however, anyone on the internet can access Google’s search engine, which has some sort of partnership with Measurement Lab.