Campaign mode (in my opinion)


So, I’ve thought (again) about the things that could’ve been added so the game isn’t so pale and dim. And I thought campaign mode (or story mode) would fitted it somewhat nicely.

Disclaimer, before you pull out your trusty pitchforks and angrily typing we’ve suggested about this, I just wanted to suggested it in my fashion. Because I see that there are stuffs that could’ve been said. (Besides hurr it’s good.)

Disclaimer again, I’d say that this could be implemented with 3.0 (just so 3.0 updates wouldn’t be just new weapons and curated maps.) But again, due to Nelson’s laziness spaghetti coding. I think it’d be more of a pain to load 3.0. So that’s why I suggested this for II instead.

This thread is pretty much “easier said than done” type of suggestion, it definitely hard to program this type of stuffs, but I’d like to talk about it because it’d surely make an entirely new experience for unturned, besides survival and mass shooting.

Summary of the past campaign mode in a nutshell.

Story mode should be added in II’s like in battlefield. And also curated campaigns and cinematics.

What I've in mind.

So, there’s singleplayer, multiplayer, and “maybe” arena in II, so I thought on what if, what if there’s a new campaign mode (pretty much singleplayer but with storyline, go figure.)

Huh, so you just stole that guy’s suggestion. Not cool.
Actually yes I just did. Not really.

So why can’t it be multiplayer?
Too complicated. The storyline usually screwed up when it’s on multiplayer trust me.

So what’s makes your suggestion different than that of the one you’ve stole?
You see, I’d think that adding campaign mode shouldn’t be the 1st priority for II, (more for 3.0 tbh.) but I’d say it’s would be a feature that should be added when the game is dead the game is rather bland. As a back-up plan if you will.

There should be an official campaign mode where, Nelson or someone that’s works in the SDG which is
literally noone lol
would be working on, and there could be chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3… and so fourth in separated updates (so it wouldn’t be a pain to work with that gamemode, also causing some form of hype I guess.)

However, as that guy had purrposed, curated campaigns should be a thing, and yes it should.
But, I’d added the new editor for this type of gamemode, since surely regular editor and devkit wouldn’t be able to handle such task (probably), I’d referred it as Campaigno

So Campaigno is like devlog, you used it on a map that you’ve edited and refined with a regular boring editor, but it would have a feature such as.

  • Allowing cinematic camera for cutscenes
  • Allowing questlines to processed without just NPCs and story notes (sorry flodo, it’s only business.)
  • Allowing events to be done for cutscenes (for an example, drifting cars, item laying on the ground, zombie moving towards you, NPCs and player “auto-walking” and even something as simple as a rising sun, “anything” that movies have.)

(How would this work? No clue, I’m just spewing raw data out, really.)

Also, ever heard of slendytubbies 3? their campaign mode doesn’t had voice acting, only texts, and it aren’t so bad (especially with doge translation.) so maybe we could’ve learned from them. I hope.

That’s pretty much for my idea of campaign mode, sorry for the long wall of boring partly suggested texts.
Your thoughts?


There’s a lot of games in the Battlefield franchise with different single player modes, ranging from playing the same maps and gamemodes as multiplayer filled with bots in Battlefield 1942, a single scripted storyline in Battlefield 4, an episodic storyline in Battlefield Hardline, or several different short “war story” campaigns (rather than one linear campaign) in Battlefield 1. I have no idea which of these “added in II’s” is supposed to mean.

Sounds like a really good idea. There is something like this planned for Unturned II, I think

Maybe use campaign mode as a tutorial?

I don’t think that would be a good idea. Because then there wouldn’t be able to be hard campaign missions

Good starting concept for a campaign mode. The least he could also do is disabling quests in multiplayer, where talk-only NPCs and vendors are left unchanged.

The reason I brought battlefield up is because the thread I was referring to was talking about it. As of how it’d actually fitted with or be implemented with the game, check that thread.

Also “Added in II’s” was a typo… there was no 's. But it’s there.

That’d work, but I personally wouldn’t use such feature only just to do that.

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A series of short campaigns that put you in the shoes of different survivors doing different things could replace the tutorial and focus on things such as scavenging for resources and loot to build shelter, using different weapons and items to combat the zombies, using barricades to help defend an outpost, and other simple tutorials that would eventually evolve into raiding an enemy base and as a soldier defending an evac zone from a full moon horde, and other complex ideas.

Might not be the most fun/lore heavy campaign in mind but it’d do wonders for helping new and returning players get a firm grasp on how 4.0 is going to handle in different scenarios.


I would like the campaign to be added, but maybe later after the game release, because It would be really hard to create with just 1 person working on it and it would take very long.

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So, there’s singleplayer, multiplayer, and “maybe” arena in II, so I thought on what if, what if there’s a new campaign mode (pretty much singleplayer but with storyline, go figure.)

Actually in that case singleplayer mode should be called “Survival mode”, right?

I like that idea. We should get @SDGNelson 's attention for something like that.

I too would like to see an actual campaign, plus, the possible campaign/story mode would include the Passive and Hostile NPCs that Nelson was talking about in the 4.0 wishlist. These new NPCs would also make normal survival much more interesting if Nelson could get them to wander a lot more and have bandit groups that attack you. One more thing about the Turned is that they too should wander. I know I got a little off topic, but if all this is included in a campaign/story made, it would make the game a lot more fun.

If we have a campaign mode , the story of this one must be something that you remember and not a crappy campaign mod you could expect in some random rp server made by Xx-FortniteKing666-xX …
A campaign is hard to code but also hard to imagine .

Stop pinging him. He checks all the posts anyways.

Unfortunately that isn’t something you can normally prevent.

Personally, I think making a campaign mode shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t know how it would work nor how it would even look like, but if we make it at least “not painsakingly hard”, it would be a nice way to let people share their stories… even if it’s shitty.

Althought, some prevention measures would be nice in a way.

I do like the Campaign Idea. Although i think it should be with in the single player mode (or multiplayer). It should just be sort of a side thing when ever somebody’s bored or want to complete the story.


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