While “story mode” and linear maps have been discussed many times beforehand, I’d like to tell my take on how possible 4.x campaigns could be done.

Previous Examples to Go Off Of

I’d say that Battlefield 1’s campaign(s) is the style of campaign we should try to emulate. Not (specifically) in the gameplay, but the format of how they are organized and used. In Battlefield 1, there a group of short campaigns that all showcase a different aspect of gameplay. There’s one based on tanks, another on planes, another on infantry combat, another on sniping, etc. A similar system would be good for 4.x. A few short stories about survivors of the Turned doing various things. A few examples I thought of;

  • A person, isolated in a cabin, needs to find the nearest evacuation centre to get out of a snowy nondescript Canadian forest. (Would teach survival mechanics such as hunting, crafting, etc.)
  • A group of soldiers need to defend their base from zombies (teaches base building and shooting)
  • A Coalition (or whatever post-apoc military group Nelson has in store for 4.x) pilot is tasked with taking goods from one airbase to another while fending off a rebel attack from the group using machine guns and bombs. (would teach how to fly a plane + airborne combat)
  • A bandit group raids a base in the woods. (teaches base raiding and usage of explosions)

These are a few ideas of one i’d like to see put into the game, but another point related to this I’d like to cover as well.

Curated Campaign Maps

As survival, arena, and possibly horde maps will be considered for curation for 4.x, i’d like to see campaign maps be considered for curation as well. Imagine all the stories that could be told by community members. This is mostly so I can make one Nelson pls.

So what do you guys think?


I actually really like the idea of a mini-campaign as a tutorial of sorts, and the BF1-style nonlinear story could really show what’s going on in the world of Unturned and the who’s who and what’s what of factions and survival.


I think this would be a great way of fleshing out the world of Unturned, and show various factions before and after the outbreak.


Yes, totally, this is all awesome.

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Campaign? I’m with ya dudes

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While Nelson is a one man army, making a campaign is far more intensive than making an open sandbox.
Unturned is not a campaign oriented game, it’s a survival game with bits of storyline scattered around to puzzle you if you look for them.
Adding a few new features that work great in SP but not in MP is fine,but making a full on campaign mode isn’t happening.
Maybe sometime far in the future Nelson might add a few things that make it possible for a team like M2M to make a campaign, but until then it’s not happening.

i like the idea

First thing is that, similarly to Battlefield 1, this is just a glorified tutorial. Useful to teach mechanics of the game but actually add substance than “go through base-texture rooms and listen to a text box tell you stuff”. Second, nelson doesn’t necessarily need to do this solo. The possibility of people such as m2m or another curated team could make one of the campaigns or, hell, the whole thing.


This will 100% make the game better. Good idea!