Face it. You’re not going to be staying in your house forever. Sometimes you’re going to be out hunting and you’re forced to spend the night outside, maybe you never even had a home to begin with. Regardless, it’s time to set up camp and go to sleep.

(Yes, I know that’s a sleeping bag that’s what a bedroll is)
(There should be an animation for unrolling the sleeping bag)

I’ve come up with three tent-like structures, each serving a different purpose.
Tunnel Tent
The lightest type of tent, barely large enough to admit one person to sleep inside.

Dome Tent
A tent with considerably more space, allowing two people to sleep inside. A lantern can also be hung from a hook in the ceiling.

Hunting Blind
A simple, camoflaged structure that keeps the rain off as you wait patiently. Note that you cannot sleep in it.

Campfires would need fuel to keep on going, and can easily go out in heavy rain. Therefore, we have the…

Camp Stove
These require propane or butane canisters to burn.

However, since canisters of fuel would tend to be rare in the apocalypse, there is also the…

Alcohol Stove
These work on alcohol, as one would expect, and they take more time to cook foods than propane/butane stoves due to the inherent properties of alcohol. They also require an external flame (such as a match or lighter) to ignite.

Now for some miscelleneous equipment:

Stormproof Matches

When they say these matches burn in harsh conditions, it means they burn in harsh conditions. I’ve bought these before and you cannot blow them out. Not to mention they can burn underwater.

Much more common book of matches.

Sewing Kit
A box containing all the essentialls for mending and sewing.


Maybe It too complex for Unturned, but I like everything.


With regard to lighting fires:

  • there should be lighters as well, of course

  • lighting a fire should be somewhat slow and much harder to do in poor conditions like exposure to open wind or precipitation

  • lighting a fire can be drastically sped up by the presence of tinder (such as paper or small sticks) or accelerant (such as gasoline or lighter fluid)

  • a fire must be stoked with fuel regularly and there are different stages of fire strength, up to a point where you may have a raging brush fire if not controlled properly

  • smoke inhalation if fire is indoors, results in lack of visibility, damage to player, potentially partial/full loss of consciousness or even coughing


next few hours

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-Desperately searches for booze to fuel the alcohol stove-

Oh and, this may not be entirely related to the topic, but I think if the alcohol stove were to be added then it should be common sense to add alcohol to the game. However alcohol should spawn in different forms with different usages, for example: medical alcohol that can be utilized for many purposes such as fuel or medical, whilst other forms of alcohol such as alcoholic drinks have less fuel and medical utilizations but provide more ‘nutritional value’.

But consuming alcohol (especially in large quantities) should also have negative effects like reducing immunity or messing with your controls and view.

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If I recall a bit, I believe you were one of the people who told me, "losing control of your character in-game is never a good idea. " when I suggested your controls being screwed with when you are sick or something.

You don’t drink alcohol or eat berries unless you’re trying to get that effect.

Yeah but who would want to have trouble controlling their character?

People who think it’s funny

Huh… :thinking:

So basically, TLD.

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Believe it or not. With only 1 tomato seed, 1 lettuce seed, a plot, full farmer skillz and rain enabled. I beg to differ. /s

I love this idea, and I would love to see it in Unturned II n e l s o n


Sounds like you clearly don’t commit suicide every 15 minutes to automatically refill your status bars, and then morph into the physical plane through a sleeping bag in a stuffy 1x1 without walls. Amateur. /s

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oh snap. How can I forgot that.

Don’t play unturned at all but survive inside your 10x10 metal base within your mind instead. /s

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