Can you use a nother programm than Maya?

Maya is friking expansive like 2.500 € a year so i cant afford it but despirtly wont to mod and make 3D models
can anyone help me?


it has animation
if you dont use blender then your out of luck and you gotta play with maya then


Just use blender lmao


You could use student license

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use the student license, or use blender

its 2019
Get with it!

Thx that helps me a lot

Using maya was the only painful decision in 4 so far, because it really is a shame that it isn’t easily free like blender was for 3. In terms of pushing the quality of the game though I feel that the trade-off is worth it because it’s really easy to develop a bunch of custom tools for maya which I can release for free here:

Right now my hope is that modders will be able to get their hands on it through non-purchase avenues like pulpfreewater mentions with the education copies. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using free copies for modding since it’s non-commercial use. Personally I got a discounted 3-year license so it wasn’t too-too expensive for the amount I use it every day.

Long long long term I want to make our own cad tools customized to the art style that will be free :wink:


Are you gonna start making software now? :smiley:


tecHnIcalLy vIdEo gaMes aRe SofTwaRe


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