Cant really armor the gunner's seat in a tank

When i try to armor the gunner’s seat on the tank (vanilla one) the cannon can sometimes hit the armor and kill the tank itself

that image shows that if you fire at that angle the tank will kill itself so please fix or add this whatever it is i think its a bug because that just doesnt make any sense

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature™

Frankly, while vanilla tanks have very very limited use, it’s nice to be able to fire back at the gunner of an armed vehicle rather than having them be entirely invincible from return fire. That being said, the extreme rarity and niche utility of tanks would warrant a fix in this area, but I highly doubt anything will be done. It’s been that way since like, 2015?

(Also your screenshot doesn’t really help much, I can’t really tell what exactly the picture was trying to convey and it’s a bit hard to see)


u can make a custom tank cannon and just move the hitbox/entire missile forward so it spawns more in front and hopefully dosent explode ur tank

From what I remember, the projectiles come out of the camera, and the camera is pretty close to where the player sits.

The Sagaie had the camera decently far forward so it was possible to armor that vehicle up.


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