Capturing parts of the map


first of, I got this idea from @potatoloard73’s post about “Winning a map”.
I think it would be a pretty neat feature, if players would be able to capture different parts of the map. Once you captured them, you can defend this area from other players and of course zombies.


If you or you’re group owns a part you can get different advantages f.e.:

  • building faster in this area
  • needing less food / water
  • slightly faster movement speed in this area

How to capture them

There could be different objectives like killing an npc or capturing an smaller area by standing inside it (these are just some ideas^^).

How to defend them

  • First of course, you can build around these areas, making it harder for the enemies to capture it.
  • Maybe there could be an option where you can hire NPC’s which will defend the area

Here is how it could look:

red; blue; yellow - different groups
grey - neutral (not captured yet / zombies took over the area)
green - spawn area (can’t be captured)


In my opinion this would bring something new and fresh to Unturned, however this would only make sense on big maps, otherwise people would be too focused on defending / attacking areas and less about surviving (A break, so people cant capture the area for maybe 15 mins. or more might be good). Maybe there should be more non-capturable areas, so the game doesn’t loses its survival feeling. I think with a bit of adjustment it would be nice to have something like this :slight_smile: .

  • Good Idea (but … - leave a comment)
  • Bad Idea (because… - leave a comment)

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*Also keep in mind that some of my ideas can (of course) be optimized / balanced.
*Iam also sorry, if I wrote some stuff wrong ^^.

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I really don’t understand the point behind this; the reason players would capture parts of the map is to have a place that is easily defendable and/or offer unique advantages. (Farms have better soil, Powerplants provide electricty, Military outposts are easily defendable, etc)

I’ve already made a post about this, but capturing places on the map should not be an easy fear, killing an NPC or standing in a capture circle will not do and is too easily exploitable. Instead players should have to complete a Horde beacon at the location to remove spawns from that location.

Yarr Summarized it pretty well

While a cool idea, programming that would be complete nightmare, it would just be better to stick with Sentries and other defenses anyways.

Sounds good!

And how are you gonna defend this as a player, who owns the territory? You only have a small amount of time (1min - 2mins) until the attackers cleared this area. Also this would only work in cities.

Well, it was just an Idea, i don’t know much about programming^^.

Enemy players cannot place down a horde beacon at location you have already cleared, but if someone beats you to the punch at claiming a location, it is likely that hordes of the Turned will be attracted to the location and if they succeed in destroying the place, you are able to reclaim it.

Also why would it only work in cities? What would be the point of that?

i think its a neat idea, but i dont think it should be in normal survival. I believe it should in a gamemode of its own. Like arena.

Maybe with a few edits to this, this could be a pretty cool and neat idea


I had some problems understanding what exactly you meant. Basically, you want something like an ‘upgraded’ claim flag, where you can claim an small area by putting down an horde beacon. No more zombies will spawn and the territory is yours except enemies destroy the horde beacon.

What I meant was, something like Assassin’s Creed : Odyssey has. You can own multiple territories (people can still build in these and zombies would still spawn). Each territory could give you a perk / advantage (for example faster movement in the area, more loot from animals in the area, …). These territories are for the mid - late game. (The badly drawn picture I did might help to unterstand that.)

I want players to complete a horde beacon, and instead of earning weapons, the location is cleared for them to move in. The Turned won’t respawn in that location anymore.

I still don’t think giving certain territories perks would go over too well, many of the locations with the best perks would be highly contested and it just feels weird to have an arbitrary buff just due to what land you own.

Thanks for spreading the idea. I’m in danger of repeating what I said anyway so I’ll just give a quote because I think this system would work better with my idea of how it should work.

“The main objective for endless mode will likely involve clearing out the infested in some kind of building like a water purification plant, and repairing it with resources and skills. This will give enough water from to the player or faction who owns it for them to have enough to drink and to trade with the rest of the server. This will be balanced by a need to defend this from a horde of zombies every full moon who will try to re infest and destroy any equipment. This can be countered by building defences like automated turrets, traps, barricades and any members of the faction who are online to defend, which makes it only for mid-endgame factions or players. This should reset to equilibrium after a couple full moons without maintaining defences but players should be able to be offline during a wave and not lose the building due to automated turrets, though more repairs will be necessary. This will also make player factions more interesting as they battle for control of points across the map.
There are plenty of buildings for this, power stations could power up all the power lines on the map, radio towers could be for air supply drops and spying on enemy factions, advanced science labs could contain workshops for advanced crafting like power armour and medicines, moonshine brewery for alcohol(its just fun). Some will only be possible for large factions(like making power armours) or others for a single player(radio towers).”

I think this works better because like Pork said the building’s use would be linked to its type. I like your idea of having different ways to get the building working for you, like using a horde beacon or killing the NPC that owns it, but its important that it has some way to reset after its been abandoned by players because otherwise after a few weeks of the server existing there’s not going to be a single building that will still require you to do anything to get its benefit. NPC could be a variant because squatters could come in to replace that NPC but after a horde beacon is activated there wont be any zombies to fight. That is why I think zombie hordes need to come in every full moon to try to destroy and infest it into original condition to balance it. This should make the feature less PVP focused as there will be the need to focus on defending there own base which should negate the need for a timer.

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I think that area capturing should be more free and “mental noted” instead of just having bright,immersion-breaking markers.It also shouldn’t be the primary purpuse of the game,players should be able to choose between holding their ground in a base,or adopting a more nomad-like playstyle.

Or,it can be a separate gamemode as @Pesticide suggested.


Only for co-op

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I like how everyone gives constructive criticism except you… .

ehh wonder why

What do you mean?In coop you can just build whenever the hell your heart desires!

like pork said, i think instead to the buffs you mentioned, zombies and loot would spawn less in towns, and you could activate power plants and repair buildings. i also think the areas should just be like areas around small towns. there should always be uncaputrable areas.

Zombie spawns and stuff.

So you mean that zombie spawns in the wild are gong to prevent players from building in that particular area?:thinking:

I mean only capture areas in Co-Op so that zombies will stop spawning there. SO you can capture a farm or smt and build base. But yeah, lone zombies should spawn around in the wild, though scattered.

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