Car/vehicle/engine powered something-something building and dismantling

Lets break down what vehicle parts can be introduced in 4.0 to spice up this aspect but not to complicate things to much.

Firstly we will start from 3.0. Here a car can be dismentled into: 4 wheels, 1 car battery, wheelless and fuelless carcass with control panel, seats and frame underneath.

What can we add for removal?
Engine, doors, control panel, carcass itself, fuel tank, seats, glass and maybe something else.
All parts should be labeled from what type of car it was taken from.
You would require more tools aside from socketwrench to remove all above. A screwdriver(hand one and electrical), grinder, carjack, etc.

You could also put every part back the way you put tires in 3.0 by aiming and putting where it belongs(little highlight where it will be placed would help).

Also why won’t we take parts mentioned above from something more militaristic?
A tank would do. It’s cannon, tracks, armor can and should be removeable as well.

To take parts off you need to be the owner.

-Where is my sandpiper?
-It is over there.
-In the locker.

So. We took absolutly every part of that tank with us.
What can we do with them?
Salvage for metal or use them on your own piece of shi… car.

As a starter point for your dream car you can use premade vehicle frame or use a makeshift one.
If we took some useful parts ofĐ° some unfortunate desile stalions we should also be able to upgrade(more output) or reinforce(more durability) or balance tune (both but less focused on particular stat) them.
And who said you can’t put that cannon that you took of a tank? Not me. You can but that would make your vehcile significantly slower, more armor = slower, tracks insted of wheels = more patency, less speed(especially if the engine is not capable to generate enough horse power)
Also remember that you took those seats off? You can place there something like another engine(more power, more fuel consumption), another storage, leave it empty(less weight), fuel tank of a tank(more gas), a gunner stand/hole(why not), etc.


I feel that instead of upgrading and reinforcing parts of vehicles with parts from other vehicles, it would make more sense to replace the parts of one vehicle, with parts from another.

The axles and suspension on different vehicles are different, so not all wheels and treads would be compatible with all vehicles, but there certainly are a few vehicles that can be converted between wheeled and tracked.

A cannon can only be placed in certain positions, a tank body has a large turret ring which can support a turret, which can in turn, mount a cannon. An APC might have a turret ring, but only one sized for smaller things like machine guns. A smart car has no form of gun mounts whatsoever, so passengers are limited to weapons they can actually carry.

Am I going to have to sign some kind of contract to transfer ownership? /s

How about this, if a car is locked, other people can’t open the doors, hatches, hood, or trunk and they cannot drive it.

In order to remove tires, you must use a jack for that wheel, and then use some sort of wrench to remove the tire. The jack cannot be taken back unless a tire is on the wheel, so if players are stealing tires, they’re either going to leave you a jack or a different tire.

In order to remove doors, they have to be open, then a wrench can be used to remove them. Stealing doors wouldn’t be too much of an issue, since the doors would have to be unlocked.

In order to remove things from under the hood, you have to open the hood and use the right tool.

A trailer cannot be disconnected without a jack being placed. Jacks cannot be removed from trailers unless a vehicle is connected.

Different versions of the same tool can remove things faster, but might require batteries, air tanks, or fuel. For example a pneumatic wrench is faster than a socket wrench, but requires a pressurized tank.


i did not say that you have to upgrade parts by parts of other vehicles. I said that you can take it off and then either salvage or make them better, but techically you can upgrade them by salvageing unwanted ones and applying recieved components on a desired one.

say again?

we can suggest making vehicles behave like in reality but that will overcomplicate things (even though i like driving simulators)

that will depends on tank turret size, if measure the untured tank model it falls for meduim tank category and sligty to light tanks, their cannon turrets aren’t so big to not fit on a standart car.
of course a car with a tank turret on top will be a b@tch to drive and turn but you have to choose wether or not to put it there. it is an advange vs disadvange situation.

brick. they are going to leave a brick

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I like the idea, adds more impirtance to tools and makes vehicles harder to maintain, but what would it be like? a UI with the parts in it and you can pick things out, repair and add? or would we have to physically get the tools and open the hood and such?
I’d like to see that to some extent in the game

edit: if its too complex it wont be fun, like if we can repair, remove main parts it’ll be perfect like wheels, engine, battery, spark plugs.


is… da wae… sorry… i couldn’t resist

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It was hard for me to tell what you were actually saying through the unconventional formatting and spelling in your original post.

Those treads are more like those found on a snow mobile than on a tank. To pretend that they are the same would create a wonky system which would be difficult to balance.

A “standard” car lacks the provisions to support or secure a tank cannon.

Maybe a jack stand could be used to replace a jack, but using bricks while in certain circumstances could be realistic, would negate the balancing effect I previously described.

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that was an example that such low horsepower capable car can manage with these tracks states that something mor conventional can manage with much heavier tracks

and also

say again? thats not a tank cannon by still heavy enough to count lol

Okay, let me just say something:

  1. Few of those vehicles are actually functional, and are designed by people for fun and aesthetic value similar to cosplay and prop-making.
  2. Crossout is a game. Using a fictional game is a bad example.
  3. Using images of machine guns added to cars via Photoshop really isn’t a legitimate example.
  4. Some of those cannons are lightweight plastic.

Come on, man. :frowning:

Yes, there are actual vehicles you can modify in ways where it’d still function just as you’ve intended. But it’s not like these images you’ve shown thus far, nor that common. :confused: (Hence why the later examples aren’t actually functioning cars or carrying functioning guns.)

If you want it added just because you like the idea of it, then I’d stick with that and avoid trying to justify it with anything related to realism altogether.

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The images you provided are either obviously fake, not mounting tank guns, or mounting weapons in specific positions that not all vehicles have.

I never said anything about car engines not being powerful enough to use treads. What I said is

The images you provided do not show that that all vehicles have suspension systems compatible with all wheels and treads, but rather that some vehicles can have supplementary suspension systems capable of mounting treads.

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cince when it is a bad example to use other games which portrate what meant?
If i intended to use real life examples i would gladly show you these examples:

i am over here

and to you as well. where did i brag about absolute necessity of realism? it is “a game” after all and not a super duper realistic vehicle building simulator.

did you know that you can use suspension of tank tracks insted of car one?

i guess not.

about delivering momentum, axes and so on. if you have knowledge and skills in mechanic and car building you can optimize it to work… we have real life examples right…


Mechanic skill comeback?


Did you know that I never said that you can’t? All I have ever been saying is that you can’t directly place tank tracks or monster truck wheels on a pickup truck. If you want to be able to add the supporting structures necessary for tank tracks onto a pickup truck I don’t really care, but those structures should be necessary.

You keep trying to prove that things should be added because

Why does it matter what we can or cannot do in real life if it is just a game. I am arguing that vehicles without the supporting structure or necessary ports should not be able to mount weapons, because it would be both more balanced and realistic if some vehicles were capable of mounting weapons, some vehicles were capable of having weapon mounts added to them, and some vehicles (like bicycles) should never be able to mount cannons. If there is some benefit to having tank cannons attached directly to bikes with no modifications needed, please explain why.


Now your statements sound reasonable instead of “nah… don’t like it”
So? Shall we?
crackig noize
Aaawwwwww… shit…
Finger fixing soud
oh well…

supporting nesecesary but temporary stracture can be carlift(that will make it useful) or even Skid Loader
we can also say that when you take tank tracks you take every “supporting structures” with it. just to simplify a bit

because it has to be at least somewhat logical or our real connected if it is not an lsd trip

a standart sedan frame is an decent-ish supporting structure on its own
a pickup truck would then have 2 of them: roof and empty pickup truck storage
sure why not

a bicycle(which is not a car) with a tank cannon? that is your fetish(lol2.0), not mine
also if you remind yourself the title that will save us some time, won’t it?

I have never said anything remotely similar to “nah… don’t like it” please
I don’t dislike this general idea, and have already created a similar post.

I have, through out this conversation, been giving specific criticisms to the parts that I feel should be changed. The only difference between my last reply and the rest is because I spelled out exactly what those changes would and would not include.

Could you please try to be consistent on whether or not the plausibility of an idea matters.

We could, but I don’t think we should, replacing a tread or tire should, in my opinion, be a simple operation of simply taking off the old one and putting on a new one, while placing tank treads or monster truck wheels on a pickup should require removing the wheels, installing a new suspension system compatible with such large wheels/treads and then placing each of the new tires or treads.

If you mount a cannon directly on a sedan frame, (rather than in a turret on a turret ring) it will have extremely limited traverse and elevation, and would get in the way of attaching certain other parts to the car, such as a back row or windshield, but is certainly more reasonable than putting

A pickup truck bed could reasonably have a variety of gun mounts, among the possible things placed on it, but a pickup truck roof, while large and sturdy enough to support a gun mount with limited traverse and large enough to mount a machine gun or antimateriel rifle, it is, by no means a proper mounting point for a tank cannon.

Neither are tanks or helicopters. I don’t see why the only vehicles with limitations as to what can be attached to them would be bicycles.

No it is not, it is an example of why vehicle customization needs some reasonable limitations. I am quite insulted that you (with your fixation on sedans throughout this conversation) would use this particular ad hominem attack.


you know there’s those wrecked convoys and stuff on certain maps?
well, if you built a makeshift type of vehicle you should be able to weld apart those, and add parts of the body onto the makeshift car.
Also, you could be able to use scrap to armour up a civilian car. Makeshift car armour.

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putting a tank cannon on bicycle even with your desired supporting stractures is too wonky for 4.0 but it is somewhat decent for 3.0

tank already has all necessary parts to operate, drive and shoot. all you need is to deconstaract those parts and attache them where you want them to be. tracks has suspention system on there own. so it is not necesery to add something more underneath the car.

then tell me why it is not reasonable to weld a tank turren on top of a roof, grind a hole for access and remove obstructing seats then to shove it inside car to prevent placing back row or windshield? you sure can do both if when removing parts you can split tank turren in to turret itself and a cannon. placing it like a turret gives you
advanges: of have a weapon on your vehicle and ability to rotate it in circle
disadvanteges: slower speed, more fuel consumpton, precios space take by that weapon
you just throw things you like on the things i like and that is not reasonable, not without some factual material at least.

and why not? it not like somebody is trying to weld it to the bicycle or any thing.
if you want to be a reality check guy and realistic that you like to use no car is capable to withstand such weight for too long without prolonging damage to wheels, transmission pretty much every thing underneath the car adn car itself.
but that is not reality that is a game where we can drop out those details for new and fun experience.

a tank, a car, a helicopter, a plane have one of many similarities - engines, fuel tanks.

you use word reasonable but still want a bicycle filled with tank cannons that won’t logically fit, well aside from a bicycle with a machine gun on the front.
at least a tank turret on top of vehicle is more reasonable and possible than that.
did I first suggest making a bicyle a weapon of massdestructon? scrolls up a bit no, I don’t think so.
I didn’t brag about you pointing my bad english, but when I pointed your words and you triggered on that? well… people these day…

A bicycle with a gun on it is stupid. Period.
A pickup with a gun on the back would be great though, I’d love to fuck around with a badass technical

What about a bicycle with a bicycle trailer with a seat and a rearward mounted gun with limited pitch and yaw? (like the few World War analogues)

How about we just have a regular bicycle with two people riding on it, and the person on the back holds a tank turret up while shooting and loading it? /s

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