Caravan System

Call me crazy, but hey, unturned 4 is supposed to be different from unturned 3, right?
I’m taking inspiration from a game called fonline(online fallout 1/2) where can you protect a cart being escorted.

The Cart would take a either a normal road or separate route and be automatically driven by cows and a driver(inside the vehicle), players (minimum of 3/4?) would have to be near the cart to “escort” it, like a payload in tf2, meanwhile zombies will try to attack the cart which eventually leads to a escort failure, or a more evil player can come and attack the cart in order to loot it. Depending on the tier/difficulty, Guards would either get payed more or bandits loot better tier stuff. There’d be limits to what kinds of player can join, (rep and exp. wise.)
Maybe players would be able to start their own caravan? (Business or private transport wise.)

I haven’t thought a workaround for vehicle interactions with caravans, or rules against teakilling and backstabbing, but that’s what forums are for, Right?

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Yeah. But… one question?

Why? This is a survival game not payload-based game.

As for the caravan. I think having them as a “Trader NPC” would make more sense then you protecting the caravan (Maybe as a side quest instead?) Or you could just rob them. Who knows?

This makes absolutely zero sense for Unturned II, the way you’ve described it at least.

You’re talking about essentially adding an entire caravan game mode inspired by a game that literally revolves around a caravan. It’s the equivalent of seeing Star Wars and asking for a mode to destroy the Death Star.

Brutal honesty delivered

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EA wants to know your location.

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EA will add this mode as a paid expansion, then sue you if you try to claim credit for the idea.

Well we got proofs so prepare for free robuxs guys.

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Hmm… So basically you could have a mission where you protect a caravan… Interesting. And as a separate gamemode I would say it would be quite fun, maybe a spin-off of the turned gamemode and such.

Sounds like something that should be in another game instead

This could be the new horde beacon. Instead of an orange box that u place and get loot from after a horde is defeated, you will have to craft/find a satellite phone and with that call the caravan.

It could work in 2 ways: After you call it, you’ll be able to see a countdown of when it’s gona start + a marked location on the map of where it will begin. You’ll have to escort it all the way till it exits and at the end of its path it will drop the reward.

Second option, after you utilize the satellite phone you and who ever is in your team will be teleported in a new minimap (maybe randomly generated) and there you’ll have to escort the caravan till the end of its path, to then get the reward. This second option would be pretty similar to those new escursions thing that maybe will be in UII.

I think i’m seeing things differently? I guess i’m expecting unturned to be alot more different than unturned 3
I was thinking more it’d be implemented in whatever "main survival’ game mode as a way for starter players to earn quick casshhhhh or a quick loot grab for evil players, and the game i took inspiration from isn’t revolved around a caravan. I don’t know how somehow got that idea??
I know it’s not “Unturned” but this game’s supposed to be different, right?

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Meant to be a more realistic hardcore survival game in a darker atmosphere. This suggestion just makes me think of The Dust in Borderlands 2.

It’s probably more engaging than airdrops, at the very least, but given the lack of details as to how it’d actually “fit in” to the game and how gameplay would feel, I don’t think I’d personally support this suggestion as it is.

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