Carpat is a terrible map when I experienced it and here is why! [RANT]

Before reading the main part of this rant, i’m just complaining, criticizing and explaining the bigger problems of this map very subjectively. It’s just my opinion on this ridiculous map.

Yesterday, I decided to check out this new curated map called “Carpat”. When I decided to play it in a normal survival singleplayer game, everything looks weird. The trees are glowing purple and the loot spawns are more than minimum! When I played it in first person for 2 minutes and a half, everything became so buggy and the screen is glitching quick to the point that Unturned crashed on my macbook!

After it crashed, I then went back to Unturned. I then tried to play in Carpat again in third person. When I played it in third person, it’s clear and it’s not buggy. While I was exploring the map, the terrain is like germany, but it mostly has the most minimum or less amount of buildings.

The new clothing looked very nice but the storage is unrealistically minimum! I only use the clothing into cloth and then I use it to repair my lumberjack outfit. The first gun I encountered, is when I entered a small bridge where there is police zombies are at. I forgot the name of the gun but it was new, so I set up to semi-auto and then I killed all the police zombies.

I found an NPC safezone where there are NPCs hanging out. Most of them trade for cash which I think is pretty much a realistic improvement. Really, there is no towns, farms or even military bases in Carpat! It’s just an empty void of individual houses, factories and crashed helicopters!

The next day (which is today), I decided to play Carpat again. One thing that I realized is that in singleplayer, your character will always spawn with no loot and you always reset in a different location everytime you enter the map. After I reviewed the map a bit, I then played it in a multiplayer server.

When I hopped in the server, I then first complained “This map sucks”. And then they replied why? I then replied "The reason why this sucks because it crashes in first person and the trees are glowing purple! They then questioned “what computer do you use?” and then I replied “a Mac pro”. The they replied “Just blame it on your computer”. IDK if I could blame it or not, it works perfectly good in all of the vanilla maps and curated maps (except for Carpat and Ireland)!

I then explored again, when I saw a another player, I then sung a song called “All Star” by SmashMouth. The reason why I was singing is because I just want to be friendly. The other player was not harming me at all but then there was a bandit wearing a blue plaid shirt, a pair of slavic sock jeans and a hat. He then shot the other player I sang to. And then I tried to run away. I then said that im friendly two times but it did not work out at all, I then died. I then respawned near where I died. This time, I have an even worst death. There was a bunch of people with that bandit, holding weapons.

The player I first map was not naked anymore, instead he was wearing the gopnik pants I wore. And then head shot me with a Kryzkarak! What a traitor!

In conclusion, I think this map is so wrong in many ways. I will give it a 2/10 or any F+. One of the positives are just the designs of the new clothing but the negatives is everything! Enough with the ranting, what’s your experience so far. Sorry if it’s a long paragraph or if not a story!

Do you think that the people who created the map did not play unturned at all and then played it with little experience?

Edit: Ever since you replied to me that there are positives,I do agree. It was meant to be a “hardcore” survival map.

Edit: I was also kind of ignorant when it comes to the concept of a “hardcore” survival map.

You can’t say a map is bad partly because people are butheads (it shouldn’t be a part of the equation), otherwise every map will halfway suck or worse.

I also did say that the loot spawns are ridiculous.

I think that we really needed a hardcore map but Carpat took it a tad too far while still falling short polish-wise.

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The pink trees is because you have a map book, the people who made carpat did a major oversight and didnt check other OS’s in their “QA”


But half of your rant is about players and you crying about them.


[Insert Mona Nelson image here]


It’s a good map that needs some heavy polish, what you encountered was the toxic playerbase.


This feels less like criticism and more so you complaining about every little thing about the map, forgetting that it’s supposed to be a hardcore map, not Washington.


I think I’m not use to new things I guess.

literally every server so don’t blame that on the map


Guess I made a fool out of myself

The trees aren’t supported by a certain type of computer. They aren’t usually purple.

That’s the unsupported computer, they didn’t test the map on there so never found the bugs your experiencing. So, it is technically your computers fault xd

Your angry at the map for something other players did.

In conclusion, you are just angry you got kosed.

I think that I should accept that I should always be KOsed even though I was naked. I should always try. Yet, I made a fool of myself again. I should also just kill everyone in site just like everyone else in game “eyes flashes red”. Jokes aside, I should not get angry about it.

Tbh your complaints about the map itself are valid, it’s just that what was otherwise a somewhat sturdy point quickly became undermined by “I hate the people who KOS in Unturned”. Which is also valid but completely irrelevant to the map.

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Carpat on Mac

This is a creative perspective on Carpat. The image isn’t made by me at all. It’s by TT_unstable.

Carpat but real:

(Shiga, Japan)


Looks better than Chernobyl. Rants aside, I think that glowing trees in an Unturned map can create a “fantasy” and survival game. Not only glowing trees even crystal rocks and glowing animals. I think that the glowing trees inspired me now.

Stasven called, they want their OC back

What? You just showed me a profile of a guy.