to start that is not a “necropost”.

In time than i am in this forum i see many ideas about cellphones and that post its about ADD Cellphones same than dont have the possibility to use or find in naturaly on maps.

(I really preffer spawn with the Cellphone in 4.0)

Ok how userfull Cellphones can be in unturned well i find many suggestions (most part terrible like)

The most Terrible:

  • Make Pictures
  • Control Drones

The interessant

  • Control cameras
  • Use like a walkie talkie + intuitive and easy.
  • Use like chat on game
  • A tool to facility the creation or autorization of other peoples in your buildables.

The Baddas Ideas

  • GPS
  • Flashlight
  • Clock
  • A guide with all informations of game

I dont go touch in every detail because go pick much time but the question is just add the Cellphone for future mods or other things can be implemented on future or by nelson or by community. Using the cellphone like a universal control. Just imagine how userfull this can be.


a bit op in my opinion. I think it should be limited to just time and flashlight.

Thats not what a necropost is, a necropost is reviving an old thread.

Please explain what you meant here I have no clue what you are trying to say.

Is this post just calling other posts about cellphones shit? Also what about using it to chat ingame is incessant ? Whats so bad about it being a flashlight or GPS? Do phones have these irl? Yes.

I am completely lost on this paragraph, YOu don’t go into detail because of too much time? or not enough time? If you are gonna make an idea post you could atleast go into some detail about how some of these would work.

Overall I conclude you need to proofread
1/10 would not read again


I think he tried to say “badass” as in lit, or cool.


Cellphones again ?

for me these just dont fit in unturned 4.0 its like its a survival game .

just think, what if you find somebody that its killing zombies with a hammer and then takes him cellphone and talks with his friend while running to avoid zombies?

and having a cellphone basically makes the GPS, flashlight and walkie talkie useless because it takes less inventory space/slots.

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It wasn’t already basically useless? That’s news to me.


Do you have the Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi password?
Do you have a post-apocalyptic internet service provider?
Are the servers up?
Do the cell towers work?

If you answered yes to all these questions: you live in a society (you do not live in a society).

If you didn’t get the point: you cannot use a phone for:

Are the servers up?
Probably not, you’ll have to resort to using flash drives to collect information.

You do not have everybody’s number.
The cell towers are probably down too.

Do you have Wi-Fi?
Does the cell tower still work?
You MIGHT have the first one but the cell towers are definitely down.

And people use third party communication methods.

I’m pretty sure people can bypass Wi-Fi passwords.
And how did you manage to allow certain people to access certain containers or doors by the press of a button?
It simply isn’t possible with what little information you may have on the person and with no devices.
Yes, it is gameplay. But it ruins my immersion.

What does this mean?

I prefer realism, just personal preference.

This is a necropost (it’s not).


Bluetooth. That would be the only thing that would work.

ok sr. N°1 i just go remenber a thing

THAT IS A GAME using your logic i can use this for many other things in game for example

You Char dont Sleep?!
How you go stop the blood of a .50 with a bandage
OMG you build a home in just 10.minutes
You fix a breaked bone in less than 1 day
The itens appear of nothing?!
Zombies appear of nothing??

and @calamari

you need remember depending how many expansive possible the game go be or than community go create different modifications my idea with cellphone is create a multiple tool MAYBE dont adding active on game but using like a base for many mods on future if a way plus technick and with a litle of sence and organization.

escoose me…


i’m confused by what you just said. Just because its a game doesn’t mean theirs no realism. In a zombie Apocalypse, you get nothing in the world, except your kitchen knife and trash can shield.


zero means that modders could use the cellphone to add something like a camera, a admin gun lol, things like that.

you should really use grammarly

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imo phones should be found in the world by killing zombies or just through general loot. when the player picks up a phone he could search the text messages and voice overs which could lead to loot that is buried or hidden in a certain location.

Yes but no.
My logic states that despite the fact I prefer realism I shouldn’t expect a game to deliver on realistic functions for all of its features, this is impossible.
In other words: I represent an ideal system from my perspective although I don’t expect everything to be implemented.

Response to given examples

Realism is not necessarily a bad thing in every given circumstance, realism can increase the difficulty or add features which may improve the player’s gameplay experience; the latter is subjective, however.

Every non-realistic addition is entirely gameplay oriented, as is the contrary.

So since you appear to resent the idea of realistic features for the sake of immersion and difficulty… Here is me resenting the idea of pre-existing features which are already in the game, for no apparent reason.

I would personally support sleeping in certain scenarios such as leaving a server, this isn’t something which wastes the player’s time for a redundant reason.
The reason sleeping isn’t in unturned is because it wastes your time.

Easy, comrade!
A 12.7x99mm cartridge launches a .510 inch diameter shot through your arm, you use two pressure bandages and put it in a sling in case the bone gives away.

Yes, this is a problem.

Play hard mode.

Because the players are confined to a map.
Items have to respawn since there is no way otherwise that the players can proceed as though nothing has changed, there is no other alternative besides making Unturned based around crafting (which would be wonderful).
The current nutrition system would cause you to die in a few days of the map being starved of resources necessary for the sustenance of life had this been the case, you can’t live off just grown food.
And what about water?
It doesn’t rain all the time and in some maps it doesn’t rain at all.

I unironically dislike that this occurs, why cant the turned move to and from the map from the borders, hang around cities to spread their zombie vegetation if there is none https://trello.com/c/yQ1d5wmc/9-turned?
Of course, this is because then the threat of looting will be removed.
This paired with Unturned becoming centered around crafting and the fact items cannot respawn (hypothetical), forcing you to scavenge from what scrap you can find in structures or from natural resources. This could make for some great, hard gameplay.

Did you get the point?
The point is there is no point, non-realistic or realistic gameplay is gameplay nonetheless, although they vary in nature.

You aren’t Zero so you can’t really speak for him accurately; but are you implying that anybody in the server could pull out their cellphone and get an “admin gun”?
What defines a “modder”?

no, modder means somebody that makes Addons or mods to a game (or thats what i know)
and what i mean is that they could modify it to do something, for example add a App or something into the phone.

and obviously. i dont think any server owner will add a mod to a server that makes it give free admin guns to everyone that has a cellphone.

anyways, i dont like the cellphone idea, it doest fit unturned.

nelson probably wont add it but someone might make a mod of that.

I think cellphones would be really cool but keep in mind in a apocalyptic world I doubt there would be any wifi, cellular, or even much power. I think that maybe you could set up land lines or something like that in bases, more closed/protected communications method. So like a cell phone but directly connected between bases/ has a voicemail so you can leave messages to each other. I know its mostly RP but it does have some PVP/PVE uses.