Changes to Infection system?

I am sure that this has been discussed before but I just would like to write a few thoughts.
In 2.0 I felt like the infection system was far more fair for the player and interesting because of only a few minor things that changed in 3.0. Back in 2.0 dressings would heal a small amount of infection, which got removed in 3.0.

This made the infection system by far less fun because whenever you felt like you were starting to have an infection problem you were essentially left to the RNG of what was at the pharmacy (Or go berry hunting but that is definitely not intuitive for most players.)

Because of this I am hoping that Nelson adds a fairly easy craft able to slightly raise infection bar (if the infection system is completely overhauled then something simple to help the infection). This way players will feel like they have more control and don’t feel cheated in death so much. Instead of getting mad at the game when they die and think “I only died because no medicine spawned in the hospital!” they will tend to think “Oh I died because I didn’t go and craft enough dressings/ I should have taken care of that problem sooner.”

I don’t intend for the craft able to be a very effective solution, but just something that gives players a little power to fight back.

Edit: The craft able could be anything, not just a dressing, as long as it is generally easy to find crafting supplies for.

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How would a bandage heal infection? It only covers the wound and stops the bleeding, nor cures you. But otherwise I agree.

I’d advise that you format this better to make it something we would actually want to read.

Otherwise sounds promising

I agree that something other than a bandage would probably make more sense, but in a pinch you could argue that a bandage prevents more infection from getting in.

But it doesnt get rid of the infection thats already there xd

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