What aspect of survival is more important to you?

More depth to crafting and items, or more difficulty and depth to not starving or getting killed by zombies?

Let’s define difficulty.
More strategy needed, or just more instant deaths so players lose all their stuff?
Like spitters or megas require a little actual strategy to kill.

So we have high damage zombies, zombies you have to dodge, high hp pools from semi boss zombies or large groups of zombies, and boss quests.
But the end game still comes down to having enough ammo while you dodge furiously.

How can zombies be more challenging in the end game, besides just making them do huge amounts of damage or have mega-level hp pools?

Would it work to add variation in guns?

Possibly have some civilian weapons have preinstalled scopes or stocks that can’t be changed, or firerate modifications, or maybe a system like there is in Fortnite?

If we’re trying to delay end game loot, why not have some type of permanent progression in multiplayer? Perhaps a rare keycard that binds itself to you when you pick it up, and allows you into the military base? This way, the amount of time someone has to spend in cities is extended, but they don’t lose it when a bandit with a shotgun comes by.

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Everybody keeps talking about how they want moar survival, but there’s not one person willing or able to discuss what exactly they mean when they say they want survival.

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Concerning zombies, I was thinking that after a certain number of nights, there is a chance for a horde to spawn. A very small chance, but it can increase each successive night, then reset when the horde is over.

Oh, boy, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Survival Overhaul - A Mega-Suggestion
Temperature, Insulation, and Fire
Gasifiers and Stills
More types of weather?
Ability to only drink/eat part of a food item
Military Clothing/Gear rarity
Zombie "Search" mechanic
What I like best about Unturned and what I hope to see in 4.x
Random events
Reuse water bottles
Dynamic lights in 4.0
Suggestions about GPS and charts
Bad food
Food Expiration Dates, and Nutritional Value
Changes to Infection system?
Viable Camoflage

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a metric shitton of things people have asked for regarding how to actually make the game more survival-centric, myself included.

Edit: Just to prove my point I’ve been adding more survival-centric threads as I find them, just to show you how blatant this is. Most of them were made quite recently, recently being about a month ago tops.


Survival games are fundamentally about staying alive, but in general they also include managing resources, time, and risks. There is often some incentive to not remaining sedentary for too long. They often have a variety of resources such as ammunition, crafting resources, food, water, and if you think about it a certain way, health and inventory space, which all are ideally kept at a maximum, but must be risked to raise eachother. Keeping a good supply of these resources should be more of a pressing concern than fighting other players, or exploring, but those often would help in acquiring or protecting resources.

You forgot the post I made about underwater locomotion.

Point taken.

I think the most important aspect of survival in Unturned is easy to choose for me. I play as a way of spending time with my two kids, with whom I play. The aspect I like best is cooperative survival.

Humans don’t have sharp fangs or long claws. We are not mega-strength brutes and don’t have explosive speed. We dominate though. Because we cooperate. When one cannot solve the problems faced, two make it easier. Add more and more and as skill sets expand the posibilities of what can be achieved…and well, humans dominate the whole planet earth.

The same holds true in any cataclysm, even the zombie apocalypse. Cooperative survival is a great tool in this game to help me bond with my kids and show them the one true human super power, in a way we can enjoy for hours. Namely, people working together towards common goals.


Hard. I wanna be hard. All the time. HARD.

Obvious joke aside, we could probably do with the guns we have now. Some new progression- wait, did you mention keycard? To get into the good military facility? I swear, who on earth keeps leaking the plans for Utah?

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It’s an entry item to artificially extend the amount of time people spend in cities with mid level gear, kind of like the horde beacon. It’s also perfect for multiplayer, because it can be bound to your character after making it, as a kind of permanent protection if you want to reduce kosers incentive, but it does make players impossible to completely wipe off the server, so zombies in the military base should be a challenge.

Should zombies require a group to team up, or should we keep it as it is, with one player easily able to go Rambo, but groups being far more OP? There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get players on a server to work together. Any ideas for implementable incentives that don’t ruin the game?

That speech made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Thank you, do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone else to think that?

I assume people mean they want:

  1. Survival features in the game as core gameplay mechanics.
  2. Surviving the environment to actually be challenging.
  3. Singleplayer PvE to be fun, rather than feeling any sort of obligation to play on Multiplayer to get “the most” out of the game.
  4. Updates that can expand on the core survival mechanics, rather than only being a “single update and done” type of deal, which was a problem in Unturned 3.
    • Cooking to be anything more than just a skill for the crafting menu.
    • Base building to be relevant.
    • Fishing actually done by players.
  5. A sense of accomplishment for surviving.
  6. Progression.

honestly that just sounds boring and complicated

Well like it or not, this is the direction 4.0 will be taken. Nelson has more or less shown that this is what he wants to do with 4.0, and it is backed by most veterans of Unturned.

This isn’t a little kiddie KoS fest any longer. It’s real, hardcore survival.

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Ew. Why do that when I could triple headshot people and take their “hardcore survival” items, this game will always be a PvP mess it’s just a matter of whether people can afford to shoot new spawns or not

Lemme hyperbolize it to try and better explain.

What people don’t want: the only gamemode to be Arena Mode and for all features in the game to be a simple button click with no relevancy to other mechanics and for all content updates to only added items that are identical to stuff already in the game that nobody uses.

What people want: an actual game with fleshed out content.

That’s the argument in a severe nutshell (that also undermines the importance of PvP and what defines a game). However, the gaming community doesn’t know what the survival genre is meant to be anymore, which leads to posts like these:

People want Unturned to go back to being a survival game, not a game where the main thing you die to is players because zombies, food, water, and temperature poses zero threat. PvP is not planned to be removed, it’s planned to be less viable compared to working together and planned to be less of a core “requirement” to enjoy the game.


isn’t relevant to the idea. People want a fleshed out game. It should take longer than five seconds to learn any mechanic in the game, but that’s not the case in Unturned 3 because every time a new mechanic was added it’s just a “five second” type of thing. You can play through all of Unturned’s “good” (as designated by the community) content and mechanics in a few minutes.

Unturned 3 has a lot of core mechanics, it’s just that there’s nothing on top of them.

At least, that’s what “more survival” should mean: a game with the survival mechanics fleshed out. I’m sure some people could tell you it means no PvP, or no gunplay, or more user-unfriendly menus, etc., but it should just mean making the game have survival elements again. It’s like a shooter in disguise sometimes.


I understand it fine but I don’t agree with it. I believe I read somewhere that Nelson was keeping the gun stats, meaning that PVP will be just as viable as before, unless he’s making a melee only game I can still kill someone and take their stuff fairly easily, thus prompting them to take revenge and then it turns back into the pvp fest anyone who plays this game seriously enjoys. I’ve played RP servers and even survival RP these kids are clueless, this game will not function as a survival game if the stats remain even remotely the same as the current stats mean I can wipe a 5 man with less than a mag if I hit every shot out of a Sabertooth, and 10 bullets is not that hard to get. The community wants a PvP game and the only way to make it survival is to get a new community which will not happen.

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What makes you think the guns are going to be exactly the same as in 3.0?

Of course they’re going to be completely rebalanced, hell we don’t even know if someone the guns from 3.0 will even be implemented back into 4.0. I find it hard to believe you “read somewhere” that Nelson is literally copy-pasting the gun stats I to 4.0, and until I see a direct source/citation I refuse to believe that this is the case. Also, with the new way stats work, this simply won’t be possible due to all the new factors that impact gun performance.

You’re assuming far too much about 4.0’s gunplay, and on top of that mid/high tier weapponry in addition to their ammunition will likely be far harder to find.

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