Reuse water bottles

My friend always talks about that in Unturned it’s dumb that you cant reuse the plastic water bottle which you drink from. Hopefully in 4.0 you can reuse plastic water bottles.

That’s because you don’t drink the bottle, you eat it.


I could’ve sworn that food portioning/reusing is planned.

It is Thing that relate to food (Suggestion)

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Woah, didn’t expect that to be my post

For a mere mortal like you, perhaps.

I, an intellectual, prefer to nonchalantly consume the bottle


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Honestly it should have limited uses, like maybe 20 or something. We can’t let these replace canteens, can we?

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Well, plastic water bottles might not hold as much as canteens, have filters, be resealed as well, or be used for boiling water, so their utility is already limited.

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