Temperature, Insulation, and Fire

  • Please add a temperature system more like the one in antique.
  • There should be two temperatures, ambient, and internal.
    – Ambient temperature should be affected by weather, season, time of day, altitude, map, whether or not the player is in water, and distance from heat/cooling sources.
    – Internal temperature should be affected by the insulation of the player’s clothing, the ambient temperature, the player’s physical activity, the player’s medical conditions, and the temperature of what the player is eating and drinking.
  • Clothing should provide varying levels of insulation, which decreases the speed at which the player’s internal temperature approaches ambient temperature.
  • As a player’s internal temperature increases their hydration bar should drain faster.
  • If a player’s internal temperature becomes excessively high, they should receive damage, or perhaps a burn condition.
  • If a player’s internal temperature decreases, their nutrition bar should drain faster.
  • If a player’s internal temperature becomes excessively low, they should receive damage, or perhaps a freezing condition.
  • If a player is in excessive heat, most clothing should burn, drastically increasing the ambient temperature near the player, and damaging the clothing. The clothing should continue to burn until it is removed, or destroyed, or until the player enters water, or rolls on the ground.
  • Flamethrowers and other napalm weapons should apply a similar effect to clothing catching fire, but it would effect naked players, and players in fire retardant clothing.

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Pretty solid expansion to the temperature mechanics for 4.0. Nice job

uh you mean heatstroke m8? how about heatstroke where u start hallucinating and basically have the berry conditions

No, like if their temperature high enough that they would receive burns, like if they’re standing on a bonfire without heavy insulation.
As I mentioned earlier a higher body temperature would make player’s lose hydration faster. Heat stroke is very closely related to dehydration, so I don’t see the point of them being separate.

that would be their external temp tho right? :confused:

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