Use antique/1.0's temperature system

I mean literally it’s the only version of Unturned with a working temperature system. 3.0’s system is pretty basic. Apply some freezing weather at a certain height and everyone gets cold unless they wear 3 pieces of clothing.

That system is nothing compared to the old version’s system. The player’s temperature changes depending on the location, the amount of clothing worn, the distance from a heat/cold source and the height you’re at from the ‘freezing point’ (Which is the height where snow/snowstorm appears). That’s a lot of factors.

Maybe add more factors to that system to make it more interesting. This is what it would be

  • Clothing would increase your base temperature.
  • Entering a powered vehicle would make you warmer, so drivers with high gear will be at risk of overheating.
  • Going near a heating source will make you warmer, being next to it or standing on it will immediately burn you.
  • The altitude decreases the base temperature
  • Entering a body of water would make you colder, so nakeds would immediately suffer from hypothermia.
  • Having low hunger/thirst/immunity decreases your base temperature.
  • Rain/snow severely decreases your temperature. Bright days affects how warm the world is during mid-day

What this means is that having full gear isn’t always the best option in general. Players are forced to have lighter gear while driving and swimming would be dangerous, basically make yourself more aware of what you’re doing.

Warmblooded tweak

Maybe change Warmblooded skill to be a ‘Temperature stabilizer’, meaning that temperature increase/decrease is less severe

Status effects

Hypo/hyperthermia would be the new status effects (Overheating/Freezing if you want to make it simple). Basically like irradiated, but only happens when your temperature reaches a certain level. All it does is blood loss, but maybe it could affect energy consumption rate or reduced speed. Hyperthermia would definitely increase thirst, maybe hypothermia increases hunger


Bringing it back would be a huge aspect in survival in many ways, which includes changing metas. To make it fair, do not make it toggable. I know cheap skates will run their server just for some glory gun fights by having survival options decreased. This should apply to a lot of other features so that the game can suit the player’s preference while keeping the survival aspect active in the game no matter if it’s PvP or PvE


I like the idea of Hypo/Hyperthermia. Maybe have it tie in with Immunity?


You always have good ideas, Yarr.

People seemed to really dislike this in Antique/1.0, and realistically you can regulate temperature in most modern vehicles. Would further suggest either nerfing the severity of this a bit (especially so you also can’t just sleep out a blizzard inside any ol’ vehicle), and/or if a skill system is still a thing, and Warmblooded is still a thing, making it more of a temperature “resistance” in general.


Maybe it should grant ‘cold resistance’ instead of adding heat. Dunno, maybe Nelson can work it out.


Maybe. :thinking: Bolded some stuff I like.

  • Any temperature related skill could just increase your “safe” temperature ranges.
  • Certain bulkier clothing combined with a full set of clothes already could reach overheating levels.
    • Ghillies and vests???
  • Inventory system (or vehicle inventory system?) is designed in a way where you don’t have to go pants-less and drop items just to not overheat in some/most cases?

Could just make overheating a notable thing when…

  • standing next to campfires, burning vehicles, and other sources of fire;
  • during a “summer” season;
  • during “heatwaves” as a weather event.

Or, overheating can just not cause a loss of health constantly. Instead, it could double(?) the draining of your Water meter. :thinking:

Regardless, I do really want a real temperature system added too, and am totally in favor of hypothermia stuff. Just concerned people still dislike Antique’s hyperthermia-related stuff.


First of all your format is just spectacular nice eye candy there and second I completely agree with your suggestion 2.0z temperature system was actually a lot more fun to play with because it was a little more realistic I know unturned isn’t all about realism but it definitely adds something to the game worth putting back in.


Sorry about that I’ll pay attention to the date next time :slight_smile:

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