I think it would be cool that from too much swimming you started to lose stamina and when stamina is 0 in the water you slowly start to drown

Already on the Trello IIRC


You do know that the human body can simply relax and spread his/her body and float without wasting energy?
That’s cuz we (as humans) have a layer of fat

So your suggestion makes no sense

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It’s a myth that everyone can consistently float high enough to breathe without swimming. This only applies to high-fat, light-boned, little-muscled people (or any other combination that would be lightweight but high-buoyancy) who still can have trouble getting their head far enough up to not be breathing in water. Even if you can float well, it still takes energy to float in a way that prevents you from taking in water, especially when in open water.

Personally, I cannot float in water well, much less at all, if I am not moving (mostly due to physical reasons that go strongly against the above). I have to put most of my effort downwards in order to keep my head up.

That, and people who don’t swim often panic, even if they could float well. Spastic movements lead to drowning.

tl;dr: People do drown in real life, from fatigue or otherwise. I would totally drown in the apocalypse.

Nelson has, in the past, liked a post regarding stamina being required to (at least actively) swim/move in water, alongside having stamina-powered aquatic vehicles.

This is also something I’m pretty okay with skills affecting a fair amount (lung size and all that). Swimming is weird in Unturned in general.


Tho I can stay afloat if I just relax and spread my limbs and I’m not fat. Also a lot of people I know could float doing this. Panic definitely leads to drowning, no arguing that. But I’m try to keep a certain amount of reality into the game. Because the character in the game won’t panic when in water. And at the same time, sometimes you’re sprint swimming for your life trying to escape (let’s say) gunfire, i don’t want the character to simply drown and die. When trying to replenish energy while being stationary in the water, energy goes up 0.9x the recovery speed when on land. And when swimming normally, energy recovers 0.5x the speed when on land. And sprint swimming wastes energy 1.5x faster than running

I would totally drown in the apocalypse

Gamers don’t die in apocalypse

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Correct. I had also said that any combination of lightweight and high-buoyancy will keep you afloat. (It’s the parenthesis directly after.)

I’m not agreeing with the OP that we should drown, I was just pointing out the heavy misconception contributed in regards to floating.

Personally, I think it’d look weird if players just started drowning in vanilla (special animation or not). I would rather tie stamina to sprint-swimming (a very likely addition) and then nerf the normal speed slightly (or keep it the same, kinda depends on map design choices a bit). Lung-based skills buff diving and sprint-swimming (just like they pretty much do in Unturned 3 already).

Temperature becomes the main aquatic killer, alongside any fiendish creatures added to the sea, and boats/amphibious vehicles should become more useful.

We are 100% fat what the f are you talking about

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On the 4.X wishlist Trello, water flowing and moving players/vehicles is mentioned. In 3.X it makes sense that you could just sit still and float, but in 4.X the waters may get rougher.

Not unless your in a partiularly salty part of the ocean or in the great salt lake. Thats in utah btw and its so salty fish cant live in it.

Speaking of temperature, swimming should be what regulates your temperature if you’re overheating

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Well, as far as I know, all seas are salty
So you’re gonna float. Especially if you’re in the dead sea. However, lakes are different. But lakes are relativeky easy to swim across compared to seas. So you won’t find any problems drowning. (If you know how to swim and don’t panic of course)

yeah, true. But you dont float easily, now the great salt lake… you could almost walk on that, jk but still. Its REALLY salty.

Just like most of the Unturned community

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OHH SNAP XD. Best response ever!

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