Random events

Most of you might not remember or notice in 1.0 but there’s a random event where you can find a helicopter crash site at random spots such as in the middle of a wheat field and in towns. They contain high-tier loot, but are surrounded by zombies I was thinking if it would be possible if something like that could happen in the new game.

In 3.0, the only event that takes place is the airdrop. I like the idea, but it’s pretty disappointing because it’s just worn-out military loot and not fresh survival supplies. It’s like organized survivors wants us to experience more bloodshed with others

If such things are added, they would be randomized after a fresh start or server reset, and they’ll only reset after a few days in the morning.

Here are some examples of random events that I think could be added

Helicopter crash site

  • A burning helicopter will be seen in the sky going down into a certain spot. The site will produce smoke which will float into the sky to make it easier to identify or find
  • Some military loot can be found next to the helicopter crash site
  • 1-3 military zombies spawn around it


  • Same as in 3.0. A plane will fly at a certain direction and drop the supply crate at a random spot
  • Only thing different is that the crate will contain 100% condition survival items such as packaged food (Canned goods, MRE, bag of chips), medical items, backpacks and other things.

Abandoned vehicle

  • A random vehicle with more than 50% fuel can be found at random places.
  • Trunk contains random civilian loot (Unless it does not have space)

Washing machine

  • There’s a rare chance you’ll see a washing machine falling out of the sky and creating a small crater.
  • Contains militia loot (Or something else)
  • References the running gag of lone washing machines in the middle of the roads of a lot of the vanilla maps

Toxic Barrels

  • A pile of radiactive barrels are bunched up together, likely belonging to Scorpion-7
  • A small radiation field will emit from the pile, causing any surounding zombie to gain the Radioactive perk (Explode on death)
  • 1-2 Hazmat zombies spawn around it

Broken down vehicle

  • The husk of a random vehicle can be found on a random spot
  • 1-2 items can be found, type of loot depends on the vehicle (e.g. Police Car will spawn police loot)

What do you think?


Kinda like how GTA V has random events in singleplayer, it adds the feeling that there is life out there besides the 24 players in the server. I like it.


sunken boats would be cool as well (like a dinghy or canoe maybe, not a cargo ship or a destroyer)

loot would vary on how deep the wreckage is and a temporary deadzone could be thrown into it


Anything “random” in this suggestion, well, shouldn’t be completely random, but rather dictated by the map.

Other than that, I agree with pretty much everything here. I think it’d add nice details to survival.


I’d love if temporary little events could happen. Please don’t stop listing ideas because they’re all pretty balanced and unique from what I see.


Its an good ide but i dont like the Airdrops with only survival loot.

Why not 2 Types of AirDrop?

Military Airdrop:

  • Have 1 or 2 Military guns
  • have 3 or less ammo for each gun (example: 1 eaglefire and an avenger will have 3 military magazines and 1 avenger magazine)
  • 3 or less MREs
  • Military attachments
  • Military Items (Military Knife,grenades,flashbangs,etc)

Survival Airdrop:

  • 1 or more Civilian Guns (colt or maybe an Crossbow)
    -3 or less Civilian ammo (colt magazine and arrows)
  • Building materials x2
  • Medical Items (medkit,vitamins,etc)
  • Canned food x4
  • Bottled Drinks or Canned x4
  • melee weapon (swiss knife,Butterfly knife,etc)
  • Tools x2 (axe,fire axe,hammer,

this could work not just with zombies, it can work with bandits or animels that can hurt players

It could work with zombies, as long as there were certain tools in the map editor to support them (navigation zones, nodes, etc)

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@AnimaticFreak does this qualify for the list?

(referring to my replied comment, not the OP)


lmao we putting the ‘ban’ back in 'posting for the millionth time about ‘ban’dits’ xd


Sure why not haha

The helicopter crashsites could work like in DayZ. But good ideas m8

This would make the game more interesting, love this idea!

I think that there shouldn’t be physical and visual effect that have some advantages (military heli have some military stuff in it, Airdrop contains guns, food medical E.T.C) maybe sound effects? (Like in project zomboid)

For example: you going through the city full of zombies, then you accidentally kick some garbage (empty can, bottle, brick) that emit some sound and then zombies that heard that sound will slowly go to the area where was the sound

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