Character Skillsets: Something I'd like to see in 4.x

Actually it does take training to use riot gear properly. The tactic goes back to the greek phalanx and there’s actually a lot to use the gear effectively without getting hurt yourself. Not that an irradiated potato would be expected to know such things…but well, you are a civilian…sort of.

As for using a defribulator, I’ve gone through three training sessions on one of those. As a first responder at my work I get refreshed once a year. Think about it this way. Anyone can cut with a scalpel but not anyone who picks it up can save a life through a surgical procedure. But in an OR there are endless checklists to complete before a procedure on how to prepare the tools, etc. The point is, using sophisticated equipment is more than flipping switches and reading pictorials on the side of a device. Those pictorals are there to help a person managing a crisis remember the simple things that slip your mind during that time…not as the definitive instructions on how to save a man dying from a heart attack. That takes training.

So, now that we’ve established there’s more to life than “lather, rinse, repeat” you should not find it to be surprising that a guy fending off zombies without having to come into contact with them while a person or two loots a spot could be a valid scenario for our firefighter and firehose.

SO - Those were my thoughts. Now if you’re done with the , “I don’t like this idea” portion I’d love to hear more about buffs and drawbacks instead os just spawing with their clothes…cuz I agree completely with that sentiment. That’s why I started this thread.

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What police learn from the Greek Phalanx isn’t how to use riot gear (which the ancient Greeks didn’t have) or how to fight zombies (which fight notably differently from normal humans) but rather strategic positioning and coordination, (which is down to the players.)
Everything the ancient Greeks, and modern police have figured out are things that people can figure out, so buffs that are restricted to a skill set, and can’t be learned don’t make much sense.

Sure it does. Isn’t that how it works in real life? The average officer can restrain a person much bigger than the average citizen. This is a learnable skill yet the average citizen does not have such skills. They spent their time (and money) building skills they were interested in. Then the apocalypse hits…too late to go to police academy. Too late to go to any academy. Now you gotta make due. Will civilization come back again one day to the point where people have time out of their day to day to learn things they would not have access to without civilization? Maybe. That’s not the scope of Unturned though. Is it?

Those skills aren’t exclusively learned at police academies, and not school is better than practical experience. I would be fine if the buffs that the players with specific skill sets spawned with were available through the 4.X skill system, but restricting them to specific skill sets seems like a bad idea.

I dont think its possible, when a player dies he will respawn quickly so if you revive him while he is looting someting its gonna be Instant Teleport or someting, i dont think it should be added

There already is a configurable delay to respawning (well there is in 3.X). I assume that any reviving tool wouldn’t be able to revive a body once the player has respawned.

Makes sense. I’ve seen this setting at work in creative and pvp servers.

So here’s my shot at toning down the policeman as well as adding another for thought…the thief.

• Starts with police clothes, baton, 3 sets of cable ties
Unique abilities
• Can use cable ties to restrain zombie on ground (same way cops are trained to do today if a guy trys to grab em). Zombie stays there prone till it wiggles free. Increasing toughness increases # of wiggles to get free (i.e. more time restrained)
• When baton is equipped can use to hold zombie while teamates beat on it (until stamina wears out). Increasing exercise uses less stamina making this effect last longer.
• Can use radio equipment at police station to chat with other police on the map regardless of distance (only while at police station, needs generator).

• Starts with theif clothes, butterfly knife,
Unique abilities
• When theif clothes equipped can sneak closer to zombies without alerting them at night.
• Can loot zombies from behind while sneaking (loot improves as sneakybeaky is increased)
• Can use theif tools (spawn in banks and police stations) to get into soda/vending machines without generators
• Can double jump off walls and fall from higher than other players without damage. Effect increases with parkour skills.


Can verify.

I also have training in first aid certification. AEDs are designed to be usable by the common population, but trained people can use them far faster and more efficiently.


I’m with @GreatHeroJ on this one.
Unfortunately I do not like the way you present this in your post.

Do not feel bad, because I haven’t been fond of skillsets in the first place anyways. (But a gun on spawn, really?)

I feel like the player’s actions and habits should shape them more than the skillset or class they choose, in other words I want skillsets gone.


This could possibly play well in a PVE mode (not sure if you want it in PVP as well). In PVE something similar could work, but I wouldn’t just hand out free kits to players. That ruins a lot of the progression when you’re immediately given things. Additionally that’d feel more like a coop game rather than a survival game. I’d prefer starting with nothing and through coop, gaining more loot and supplies.

I’d prefer more focus on class-specific abilities rather than free items:

•Firemen (Strength class) can utilize all melee weapons with more strength, and while a fireman axe isn’t normally the strongest weapon, it is when used by a fireman. This includes attacking barricades, beds, generators, etc… They are also more resistant to fire and heat.

•Policemen (Defensive class) would be more resistant to damage and attacks.

•Athlete (Movement class) Sprint, Cardio, and Parkour faster, longer, and further than any other class

•Doctor (Healing class) Can utilize healing supplies far more effectively on himself and even more effectively on other people.

•Engineer (Building class) Builds and salvages quicker. It is the only class able to craft the best machines like an industrial generator. He also doesn’t need blueprints for most recipes (excluding specific things like charges).

•Chef (Cooking class) Gains slightly more food/water when eating and is the only class able to craft the best/most complex foods (BLT, Cakes, Pizzas, etc).

There’s could be some more classes other than these as well.

Abilities like these could still work with or without the use of skills depending on which way the game would head. It’d just mean that for maxed skills, class-specific ones would go even higher and possibly be cheaper. And to prevent the exploitable class changing from 3, simply only apply class changes after you die.


Very true. (10 chair limit)

I asked the EMT training us about this. He said that under calm, training scenarios most anyone can learn to use the AED’s. With a person on the floor dying, a gathering crowd, etc. most folks wouldn’t have the wherewithall to figure out how to use the device from the instructions due to the stress and panic of the situation. I asked him about panic and he came up with a very telling anecdote. In a group setting we are so conditioned to fear looking bad or to be seen unsure or making a mistake that 80% of the people who die from choking in a restaurant die because their first instinct is to run to excuse themselves and go to the bathroom. The choke hiding because they are ashamed of the scene they are making. That’s not lilkely what is going through their minds…but our subconscious reactions to things like this can be very compelling.

Never understimate how poorly prepared for a crisis the average person is or how much training is required to make someone proficient at even simple tasks under extreme duress.

This would be the best way to set it up. Having things restricted to one class (besides very specific examples) doesn’t make much sense, but there should be a few classes that warrant players teaming up and working together.

The idea behind “locking this because x profession teaches you it” is just broken. You don’t need to go to a police academy to restrain someone or cable tie them down, nevermind to wear riot gear. You don’t need to go into the military to learn how to properly use a firearm, nevermind take it apart and put it back together. You don’t need to become a doctor to learn how to use a medkit. All you need is practice, and in some cases a good teacher.

So yeah. Not exactly a great suggestion in regards to the original post. But I do think a class based system could work, so there’s that.

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You can’t just say that you disagree. Explain explain why.

Thanks for explaining. This was just one idea on how you could kill a burning zombie, due to science stuff heat + cold = big explosion. But, if that is way to over the top, then the water could just put out a fire zombie.

I think the idea is more to stun zombies with the fire hose, not to kill them with it, cause otherwise it would be OP.

Yes, actually, you need a wrench to open the valve of a fire hydrant.

In addition the water is at super high pressure, so it wouldn’t be ridiculous to stun zombies with it or push them away.


It helps create a more dynamic and interactive environment in a Zombie Survival game. Opening a hydrant isn’t hard (but is illegal AFAIK). I could easily walk out to my garage and find the biggest monkey wrench I can find and start prying, with the only difficulty being the pentagonal bolt shape.


If what you’re implying is that we don’t need more immersion and depth to regular gameplay, we do need more of it.

A good example of this is Escape From Tarkov - when executed correctly, immersion and depth is an invaluable asset to enhancing open-world games.