Colors in character creation

Well in unturned 3.0 you can literally become a chameleon, it’s not difficult to find blue, green, pink players is something interesting but also in some cases OP, like the famous player’s prank turned into a zombie, in my opinion we should still be able to put any color in the character’s hair, blue, green, pink etc, but in the case of the character’s color we should limit it to more real skin colors, for me it wouldn’t be a problem to still be able to make the avatar yellow is something we are used to and in the future it can be nostalgic, but it should not be possible to have a blue, green, pink, red, purple character and so on.


Regarding skin colors specifically, here’s what Nelson said recently from another topic on-site:

So this is the current plan.


This has been on my mind for a while but i was ti lazy to post about it, thank you.


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