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This thread is going to concentrate on the current coronavirus outbreak which is evolving into a pandemic. This is probably the most serious thread series that I’ll ever make, and I’m going to be as sincere as one can possibly be. Humanity is currently overdue for a major pandemic. The last major pandemic we’ve had was the Spanish Flu, originating 102 years ago as a more lethal than average strain of H1N1.

Information to know about coronavirus. 1 in 5 cases end up with moderate to severe symptoms. All though 80% will be fine, that’s still 20% that you need to worry about. Of those, 90% will recover and as far as any health agency knows, there’s only a 2% fatality rate among those infected total.


Day 87 of the Coronavirus Outbreak. Cases in Italy and Iran are rapidly increasing, the Deputy Health Minister of Iran has been diagnosed with Coronavirus after press conference.

Iranian Press Conference

Grocery Stores in Italy empty due to coronavirus:

WARCORP’s advice to staying safe

  1. Stock up on at least three weeks worth of food per person, BEFORE coronavirus hits your town. It’s best for you and your family to get food now before it hits your town. Make sure it’s food that can last a while. Including the following.
  • Large boxes or bags of rice
  • Canned food
  • Can opener (If you don’t have one)
  • Face masks

Going out to a grocery store during a frenzy is likely going to result in you getting less food as seen in the video above, and is going to decrease your chances of getting infected.

If Coronavirus hits your town

  1. Watch your hands in hot water and with soap for 20 seconds.
  2. Avoid sick individuals, avoid going outside whenever possible. Some of the infected don’t show symptoms.
  3. Follow the advice of your country’s National Public Health Institute (NPHI). (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health England, Public Health Agency of Canada, or other national equivilant NPHI.)
  4. Do not panic, even though we’re swimming in a metaphorical ocean of shit. Keep a level head and stay calm. Even though I’m immune compromised and have a higher chance of both being in critical condition and death, I’m keeping calm.

Stay safe, and stay healthy.


when you realize that the corona-virus is in Everett, Washington, but also realize this



Flu 2: Coronavirus Boogaloo

It’s a major thing, but i think with the drug production and experimentation that China’s doing, we still have to worry about it but hopefully advancements are made soon to curb the illness, and hopefully a vaccine by maybe summer 2021


When you feel all the symptomes but you realise that you work at a space station.


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no you’d be the first person to get sick in space
you’d also be the first person to die in space


oof. would hat mean that corona virus will overtake a US facility?


probably already did if the astronaut is sick in space and a rocket wasn’t launched carrying a medical adversary and all his gear


wait what were you going to say. why did you edit that message.why are you saying it’s with drawed! what is the US hiding from us?


nothin i was testing something

not the us, but china hiding its infected death numbers from us
motherfuckers have been burning bodies ever since the start of the infection

really gets those gears moving now doesn’t it


oof that’s a fire some moustache guy in the past would of been proud of if the people who got burn are some people associated with a nation that is in the middle east and is in conflict of territory with another nation in the middle east.


i’m confused but i’m guessing this is a hitler joke

any who if anyone is curious where the coronavirus is in America and Canada, here’s a nice picture


i’m already printing out and stockpiling furry porn for when the internet is shut down. after the apocalypse i’m going to be a rich man




What’s so interesting about wohan

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It’s where the infection first signs were detected it’s like the starting point and where the majority of infected and death are located.

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I’m talking about the place.

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Stalin was the mustache guy who went into the middle-east, Hitler was just the dude who thought his 'stache was better than everyone elses.


Staline isn’t moustache guy he is broom guy!

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what about non english man?

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