(CrэpйPastа) Unturned.exe

If you think something’s off-topic you can flag it.

I threw in stalker because the memes were appropriate for the situation.
Also, I’m pretty sure NSFW isn’t allowed on here.

Keep your memes relevant, or at the very least don’t make 20% of the thread just you posting the same batch of memes followed by another 20% of people just talking about your batch of memes. :thinking: 10% is just Flodo trying to keep the memes… relevant…


So I’d disagree on their appropriateness (especially if the joke was that the word “Russian” was mentioned).

You guys bring me much pain by having me moderate a #memes post for topic derails. Here’s ye’ stinkin’ Stalker photo gallery: Radical Photo Gallery of the "Stalker" Franchise Enjoy.


Remember, no Russian.

Could we all agreed that we should gulag’d the russian yes?

I’m Chinese.

Please don’t tell me you’re going to spam noodle propapandas.



I don’t speak ching chong

gay furry shit doesn't instantly mean porn

Chances are that if you clicked the drop-down you probably didn’t think it was funny.

Neither is the “haha epic stalker russia xDDD” shit



But if a discarding sabot shell automatically discards the sabot, wouldn’t a discarding no u shell automatically discard the no u?

That’s not how it works.

arab ching chong

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What the fuck?

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