Crude Survival

Unturned II is drifting into the realistic aspects of survival and we, as a community, are definitely going for the extremes of realism; I’m talking about bullet drop, wind resistance, vehicle reconstruction, and weapon durability, and extra chuff people tried to pull from SCUM. And that game is frickin insane!

Back to the main topic, if people are willing to go pretty far then I wish you could survive without the spoils of the city or neighborhood environments. I’m talking about fully working for your survival. You need to catch your food, make your clothes, make your tools, make your weapons, and even boil your own water. Surviving with the bare-minimum has always intrigued me in many ways and I wish something like that could appear in the next installment of Unturned.


I can imagine locations as some place where you won’t easily loot in since it will be filled with mutant spawners.

Could make nature/environment somewhat a viable starting place for everyone, but at the same time not making it for the sake of realism.

Gotta make sticks easily available in the game, like foraging from bushes. Make a makeshift spear out of it, and a makeshift bow with a rope made with hemp (Plant found randomly on the ground) plus wooden arrows. Then you will be able to hunt animals for food and clothing (with animal pelt). You can now loot small locations for basic civilian loot while dealing with minimal threat. Afterwards is self explanatory (Loot larger/valuable locations)

A good boost to this could be to remove melee punches. You can only attack with weapons and weapons will get destroyed once at 0%, meaning that they will turn into an other item that cannot be equipped untill it gets fixed (for example a “broken spear” for melees or “broken cobra” for ranged). This way, once you got such spear you would really be carefull of what you do instead of just attacking without fearing any conseguences, since that atm even if it gets to 0% the worst that can happend is a damage reduction.

Remove punches as melee, once a weapon gets to 0% it gets “destroyed” and becomes an non equippable item that can only be used again if fixed.

Personally I whould just nerf punches, taking it out is ridiculous in my opinion.

I say base damage is 2.5% hp, and not at the current rate.

You CAN punch them to death, but with the a.i update, and whatever (grapple?) It whould be quite unpleasant.

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Why ridiculous, isn’t it worst for a true survival game to be able to just punch zombies to death? Who would even get infected in the first place if all you gotta do is to fist the brainless undead. If not totally remove the punches, at least exchange them with some pushing away animaton that has a cooldown and uses stamina, so at least you could have a way to save yourself if a weapon breaks in the middle of a fight. Mike tysoning huge hordes by just backstepping and punching is way worst imo.

Making the things trying to kill you actually a threat that can kill you is a better solution.

So instead of the pushing away thing, is it better to have some totally useless punches that nobody will use and many will hate? For what, to be able to fist other humans in case of a no weapons fight? Meh from me

Then make punching viable in some situations? Such as when you’re not in a end-game area with potentially non-humanoid hordes of death.

Not that shoving isn’t nice and all too, but punching can easily fit in the game.

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I think that pushing away would be way more realistic for the scenario that U II is building around itself (or at least for what we know). Can easly imagine a survivor pushing away zombies while panicking for a way out instead of someone going berserk and throwing punches left and right to make his way through the horde.
Punches has always been there that’s true, but since it seems that a new gameplay is on the mind of the dev, then some radical changes must also be applied. Hard to do something new by using always the same things.

Punching is not an integral mechanic that defines Unturned overall, nor its gameplay. I’m not advocating for it over shoving. My point has nothing to do with shoving at all.

I’m saying that punching doesn’t have to be overpowered and it doesn’t have to be useless, as long as it isn’t designed it that way. For example:

is not what I want, as specifically stated in my previous post. It could instead just be viable in 1-on-1 early-game encounters.

Now, if you do want me to talk about shoving, I can. Shoving alone doesn’t remedy your concerns, since it doesn’t do anything in the end-game, nor against hordes. It seems like it’s really only useful early on, which I’m personally fine with—and that is what I kinda suggested for punching, but you implied that’d make punching a useless

That doesn’t matter though, since I believe you’re fine with both shoving and punching being nonexistent anyways, that’s your personal opinion. In my opinion, letting people try and do risky stuff like that early-game is more important to me than it is to you, who may favor requiring that players have to rely on scavenging around for a while before being able to go on their own offensive.

And why can’t shoving and punching both be a thing? It’d make both of them far more viable than they would be otherwise, which can be personally perceived either way. There’s nothing that actually stops them both from being in the game, although it does make balancing one or the other a bit harder, I guess.

But “shoving” as you’re portraying it just isn’t sounding like a useful feature. I don’t have any reason to believe punching would be overpowered in Unturned II either. If we were to use Unturned 3’s zombies as an example, since Turned aren’t in Unturned II yet for me to base this on, you’d probably die trying to punch away in Unturned II against a horde.

  • And by that, I mean you can’t sprint backwards, and a horde would surround you from superior AI. And since these are Unturned 3 zombies I’m using as an example right now, they’re faster than you and your punches are too weak to stun.

  • I’d say you might be able to get away with circle strafing, but probably not since omni-directional sprinting is the thing that made kiting+punching so viable. You can’t sprint any which way you want anymore. Punching hasn’t been the problem, it’s always been sprint—and that’s true for several other issues in Unturned 3, to be honest—and now it has been nerfed.

So with what some people saw as the problem being “probably resolved” now, it may as well be made actually fun considering the rest of melee is planned to be made for fun and viable. Might as well start with hand-to-hand combat.

  • Personally, I’m not big on the suggestion posts for things like giving players martial arts techniques, and the ability to (dive)kick things. At the very least though—punching, shoving, and blocking have been pretty decent (usually). That’s a lot more to write though and at this point punching could just end up in its own post (probably away from the “martial arts” posts though).

(quick ps: punches weren’t always a part of Unturned)

I agree. Unturned 3 kinda allows for this, but its makeshift tier has always been severely underdeveloped. Fortunately, there’s a few older posts where Nelson implies/mentions that he’d like to expand on this type of stuff (for Unturned II).

Go back to the days of Canada with its street loot, but just put sticks and stones around the ground in woods instead. :slight_smile:

This too. I wish that instead of just berry bushes being statically placed around the map, most crops could grow in the wild.

Quality has always been one of the more disliked features in Unturned 3, and the fact Nelson never really got to making the feature the way he envisioned it likely didn’t help too much.

Melee would be relatively straightforward to make a “broken” mechanic work on, but considering ranged weapons can have upwards of 10 parts, excluding the magazine, I’m not sure the experience would be enjoyable if just one broken part made the whole weapon useless (now, you didn’t imply it’d work like that, I’m just giving my input on it). Maybe brokenness only affects weapons based on the combined value.

Yeah. Quality and durability needs to be handled far better imo.

Fortunately, assuming that quality is added to Unturned II at some point, it will most likely impact far more stats than just things like “damage.” Considering how “ability stats” are done overall, it will at least affect far more things. Each ability stat would probably have a simple check as to whether or not its affected by an item’s quality.

Hopefully Nelson gets around to making the “repair” mechanic the way he originally wanted it to be though.

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Interesting points I must say. I also think that punches and shoving could coexist, and it’s true that at some very early moment you could need an offensive way to take down the infected without using any item, but the gameplay should be build in a way where that is your very last option, otherwise the entire increased immersion and game difficulty (or we could say balance) won’t really work, if you can still punch hordes down as nothing.

The idea of removing punches was ment to be justified by that heavly presence of raw materials that could provide enough resources to craft melee in a much easier way, as Yarrrr suggested. Melee weapons would come out of nowhere even more then it happends now in 3.0, and having that plus a very easy no weapon kind of offensive attacks, could low the difficulty even more instead of fixing it.
What I mean with this, is that it could be worth to try to take away from players some options in order to balance the difficulty, instead then just focusing on adding features to the invoironment.

Not being able to sprint backwards doesn’t really fix anything, unless the excercise or any similar skill gets removed totally because it also provides a faster walking speed, that is more then enough to simply backstep to get out of danger, give or take special faster zombies, if there will be any in the first place. Broken guns as I ment could also work, but ofc it would need essential parts of the weapon to get broken in order to take the gun out of use, like the barrel for example. Obviously having a broken grip shouldn’t affect that mechanic in such a punishing way.

Then let me give more details of how I see it: Players would have a radius in front of them of 150 degrees that represents the shoving area of effect. Once they use that attack, a defined number of zombies would be affected by it (lets say max 5?) and those would be pushed away by 3 to 5 meters, like some stun effect. Hoping that the new turned will have physical bodies that you can’t run through, and also hoping that their IA will actually be improved in order to make them surround the player, then you see how this shoving tecnique becomes immidiatly reliable unless you want to start shooting (with all it’s conseguences).

What about turning 180° and running? Also, we don’t know if stunning zombies (even with melee) will be in the next game (or at least I’m not aware of such thing) so I think it’s pointless unfortunally to take that into account. I actually hope not to see that game mechanic again, not even with melee weapons cus that thing is also something that turned the zombie fights in a joke.

I agree that being a punch-crazy murder hobo shouldn’t be actively encouraged.

Skills don’t matter too much early-game in Unturned II since you have to do the actions to “level” them. Someone could technically just try and grind out any walking/punching based skills, assuming those type of skills existed, but I don’t think it’d be the majority of players.

Hoping for this too. Hopefully the netcode is swell also.

The larger the horde the less reliable it is. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, since players shouldn’t be ending up surrounded by a horde of Turned anyways if they’re that unarmed, unless they just want to die that day. It’d be more useful if we assumed that Turned eventually gave up on following players, so that shoving has a longer-lasting impact.

Bit of a hassle tbh. Defeats the purpose of the tactic entirely if it takes drastically longer to pull off, even against one enemy. You could totally do it for sure, as I don’t think turning would take that long, but larger groups of zombies would make this too tedious when you could just sprint away.

We technically don’t, as it hasn’t been mentioned too recently, which is partly why I decided to use Unturned 3’s zombies as the foundation of that. However, it’s been implied in some of Nelson’s comments on melee that stuns will still be a thing, possibly being limited to blunt weapons rather than any melee.

I agree, it does. Melee in Unturned 3 is pretty “meh” overall. Melee combat comes down to tap-sprinting backwards while attacking, maxed overkill (so everything always stuns regardless of quality or melee), or a chainsaw. Everything else is pretty redundant.

The chainsaw and jackhammer even got nerfed so they’d be louder, but without large hordes to hear the sound it didn’t really change anything that much.

Been suggested in the past, but I appreciate saying “catch” over “hunt.” Good reminder that things like snares should actually be able to catch food, or even things like fishing nets/cages, we don’t just have to poke deer or spear fish.

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What would be nice is to make players require a weapon to loot the towns by making zombies tougher so people will have to stay in the wild some time to get starte

You’re right, at early stages it won’t matter that much but there is a thing to mention about this particular fact:
Unturned actually does a pretty good job with it’s starting gameplay, where you have nothing and everything is sorta dangerous and risky, speaking of normal difficulty. You will have fast or flamable zombies that will deny some level of freedom in terms of running around and looting, and the need to sneak and be smart is a real thing, but only untill you reach one of many goals that will bring you on a “relaxed” status, such as finding a ranged weapon (or in most cases crafting it, bows to be precise) or leveling excercise to max (kinda easy since many different things can provide you the necessary exp to level it) or even finding the right gear like backpacks, vests and so on. All stuff that quickly sets you in a comfort zone, and the survival fealing just pops like a soap bubble.

What I think is “wrong” with Unturned in this terms, is that the early stage is defined by what you have and not by where you are, especially since you actually need jus a few things to leave the struggle phase, and easy zombies are basically one of the main reason that make things this way. So one of the main priorities of the new U should be to bring that comfort zone exit level as far as possible, that is why I think that removing punches or generally an all around offensive capacity would help a lot in doing this. Ofc you can’t jus leave players harmless and with no ways of defending themself if unprovided of any items, and that’s where the shoving jumps in

I agree, hoping that “the wild” will be some huge space that can provide many different items

So like some sort of Rust. Well I would like to see a mix between Rust and Unturned, where you can support yourself in the woods and where locations like towns etc, that should be somehow more rare would be the main “end game” spots due to the very hard challenge that zombies would bring.

Removing the ability to punch might be too much but making it extremly unefective on zombies like giving it a range shorter then the range of the zombie or taking damadge when punching them

Even remotely implying removing punching from Unturned II is simply laughable and will not happen.

It’s a fairly simple thing. Just nerf punching to the point it isn’t viable outside of extremely desperate attacks and one on one turned fights (and only with basic, basic turned at that).

The only reason I can think about of why punches should stay (keeping in mind whats been stated above) is to provide some form of combat against human players. I mean it would be odd to see 2 naked players that would be able to just push themselfs away, so yea maybe not remove entirely the punches, but making them extremely uneffective as you suggest could actually do the trick.

Why, it’s not said anywhere that a game like unturned “must” have punches, but in anycase the “drastically punch nerf” would also work good for me, untill some other countermesure for zombies gets added like the shoving I suggested.

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When you remove punching

Oh yeah, I don’t think most people here has experienced the horrors of Unturned 1 when punching never existed.


“The horror”, you are right, that is what I personally seek for the new U, a condition of gaming where you will constantly fear and think about the next move, instead of the actuall no brain S + left click game mechainc that 3.0 has now :stuck_out_tongue:

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To make it easier for this punching issue, why not simply ask yourself," What would you normally have in a situation like this? Or what can you GET?"

To answer the question I’m forcing you to ask yourself, I’m talking about Rust where the almighty rock comes into play. In Unturned you wouldn’t be spawned with it; you’ll have to find one, and depending on size, you can determine whether to use it in battle, gather resources, or material to craft better weapons/tools; even strategically, and I’m talking about throwing rocks to distract, not hurt.

And I’m relating this to that one post about the noisemaker thingy I forgot who posted that but I’m not gonna try to link it cause I’m on the phone and I’m too lazy to check how to and such…

Well, not just throwing rocks to distract, of course, but the many benefits it beholds when it comes to combat, resources, and just common crafting material. I bet you can make a wheel!

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