Curated Map Quotes



jesus why did you do that to us


Who me?

cause i can
and its funny


i just realized i never even used france


see spebby does it right


Fair point, but that was supposed to be taken as a joke really


shut it libtard


Azzaholic assassinating Animatic, 2019, colorized


Hey animaticfreak, you seem to be lacking a quote for the next curated arena map Ghost Valley.


yeah why the fuck wasn’t ghost valley in here


johnny test


I apologize, Noobyfish.


fuck i found a spelling mistake in mine so I deleted it, and then you make it >:(
also text aint centered


ah yes ghost valley, the best crutated mep




I didn’t get the Athens one,is there something I’m missing here? :thinking:


i think it has a lot of water
which i believe is what he is referencing


looks like you need a bathens


Actually fucker it was me the whole time.
For context, During the athens arena testing phase (which i was apart of) nelson said he was going to come on to test so I, like the genius I am, said “Hey guys you know what, I am gonna tell nelson the joke” and like normal people they all said “What joke?” so with my quick wits and my genius comedy I responded with “uhh… ATHENS? More like bathens, Cause you need to take a bath” which is a reference to a joke from a podcast I listen to called “The official podcast” where on an episode Charlie (critikal) says the most unfunny joke in the world, you can look into it if you want but the punchline was “Boardwalk burgers? More like bored burgers, Because those burgers aren’t having any fun”

When Nelson finally joined the session something horrid happened, He didnt join the voice channel! How was I suppose to tell the joke now…?
I said in the game

I actually recorded the whole ordeal, and loads of other memes came from it. SDGcheeto, The Cyprus Fanclub, and the council of nelsons to name a few. The video I uploaded about athens in general is also where the infamous picture of nelson whipping comes from. If your curious the links below are some examples of the shit that came from that day/map. We reference the quote in our dm group all the time, Also animatic was there when this happened.

Damn I love tangents
edit: fun fact, the original nelson clone was animatic when he fucked up the colors and hair we made fun of him for it and just asked nelson for the right colors (thanks hex)


since you like tangents, heres one for you :smiley:


you gotta loopedy loop and pull
i dont even know this thing is