Curated Map Quotes



its a tangent dumbass


no really?
i thought it was an upside down loopedy loop


I think this basic diagram of a circle will help! image


i didnt know half of these maps existed what the heck


ohh its geometry

i haven’t got that far yet in school


tHaT iS A 3D tRiAnGuLAr ItEm, NoT a CiRclE


holy shit we went offtrack, I just wanted to explain joke so sad


b a t h



if you have an awful pc.


You still lose a lot of fps whit a good pc


haha yeah
haha yeah
crys in 1060


i dont even what specs my pc has

its like having a child but you forget his name


haha The only reason I can maintain 60 fps on most maps is because my computer has a huge amount of memory. I had an awful processor, but now have a better one. only loaded unturned up once with it so far tho.


Did you download more memory I want memory too teach me your ways




Dont lie to me




spebby you wuss unedit that comment, Now my comment makes me seem like an ass