Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]

Hello there,

First topic here, and i show you my work on new’n’tasty Fusilaut/Zubeknakov/Schofield/Kryzkarek/Vonya model that i’ve made for 4.0. My goal is to add these to the game when it would possible ( officialy or via modding ).
Tell me what do you thinks about it, i’ve try to keep simple look while having some details. Maybe its not blocky enough, but i ve seen that new weapon model in dev-blog video’s seems to have some details.
All the models are based on 3.0 models and on there real counterparts.


These mesh was made with blender 2.79. Camo with GIMP

Feed back will be appreciated !


PS : if you want to see the progression on the mesh, just scroll down.


Second screenshot ( forum doesnt allow me to put 2 image in a same post … )


yeah it does. if its a screenshot, just copy the image, put it in, take a second screen shot and put that one in too.

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I know this is just nitpicking, but one of the things that bugs me is that you didn’t model the integral bipod.


I’ll sum it up in two words, incredible as hell.
really impressed with your work, do you think you could make an example of the ak47 model?



It looks really nice! Good job, it actually decently fits UII.

Just one thing, it’s actually called the Fusilaut in-game, not the Fusileau.


actually i think Fusileau fits more with the gun as it is a French gun, but idk

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“Fusil” means rifle in French. “Fusileau” means water rifle.

I’m Canadian and actually know French, thank you very much


Lol, anyways i still like how it sounds.

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It looks really good, Alot of ppl will agree that it fits 4.0. Its more of an Unturned II friendly.

I think its way too detailed specially the body shape and the foregrip/handguard, I have some Unturned II eagle fire pics that you might find useful.

As you can see in this image, Its more of like a remastered obviously lol, More shaped but it still has the eaglefire’s body. The details in 4.0:

Rails, Stock, Trigger+Trigger Guard, Pistol grip more shaped.

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Heres another model from @ZhaoYi

this thing really fits,

Please don’t take my comment as a hate or reason why it shouldn’t fit the game.

Still. Love your model!


Nice! I love it <3

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You second image is not the most up to date model.
Here ya go:


Something that should be kept in mind when making models, is that in Unturned II, barrels and muzzle devices can be replaced, and charging handles can be moved.


The fitment of this gun in the 4.0 design is questionable.


If you look at the new updated model for it, it is much more detailed actually. That gun right there is on the level of 3.0, maybe just a tiny bit more detailed.

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Hello everyone

Thanks you all for your comments ! I’ve try to take them into account.
I’ve make the FAMAS (its real name) more “bulky”, and simplified some corner/angle !
I’ve add a picanity rail as you ll see on the screenshot.
Tell me what details you think would be needed, but in the same time that fit the simple aesthetic of the game.

criticism is very good in 3d art, it allow us to improve our models. But some explanation is necessary to help us in such way.

Here are the pics :

Feedback ( with explanation ) would be really appreciated !



sorry for double post ^^


Very well made congrats

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