Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


wait was 4.0 updated?


I feel like you’ve oversimplified the grip now. In my opinion, it should be closer to the original.

The Eaglefire’s grip looks the way it does because that’s what the M4A1’s grip looks like. Your newer rendition of the FAMAS’ grip looks like the blocky grips you’d get in Unturned (version 3).

That image is from like Devlog 6.


oh alright.



This is the template we have on the wiki.


I think you could make the sight go downwards, cause it looks slighlty off.


The newer grip looks pretty off in my opinion. The back of the grip can be curved for the palm swell, but the front should be straight (well, straight except for the finger grooves if you decide to add those back in, but I don’t think they’re super important, because they’re extra polygons that will get covered by fingerless hands)


Is the second screenshot in Face view ?
If it is, you’ve got some real bad ngons going on. You should try to make the topology better and have quads only.


French being my first language, I can assure you “fusileau” doesn’t mean much, it would be like saying “gunwater”. Water gun in French is “Fusil à eau”. The “à” is very important as it links the two words, else it’s the same saying “water, gun”.

Other than that, the model is very nice ^^ though I think we should wait a bit before making models for Unturned 4.0 (Unturned II)


Hello everyone,

First of all, thanks you for all your comments !
To end with the name of the gun, its my bad, i made a mistake ( je suis français aussi pourtant ^^). It was late and i was tired, so excuse me. Its Fusilaut, not fusileau

[a bit technical on]
For the topology, this was not “edit mode”, but “object mode” with “wire” option checked on. However, there is Ngons in the mesh, but this is absolutly not a problems : 3D engine automatically tranform quad ( and beyound ) into tris. And even if it was not the case, you can make all the quads or Ngons into tris with a modifier (named triangulate) Its work fine with blender, truly. No need for retopo. The only problem is that with tris, “Edge split” doesnt work well. Its look bad. I m not sure if this problem is solved in Unreal Engine. It worth a look.
[a bit technical off]

So, ive remade the hand grip, a mix between too simple or too complex. Ive add the firing swith ( next to the trigger ) and some details at the rear of the FAMAS.
Ive modelise the sight and a new muzzle ( there are detachable, not the same mesh ). I dont modelise the magazine because its a common portion for all assault rifle.

And here are the pics :

As always, comment are welcome. and thanks you all for your feedback its really help me !


Sry for the double post


By 3D Engine, you mean the in-game engine like Unity, Unreal and so on or is it a program of some sort ?
Also, yeah, i totally forgot about the triangulate modifier :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, the updated version looks pretty nice, only thing i can say about it, is that you can make the bolt a little less indented into the stock, like, make it 2 times more shallow and remove the belt strap thingy on the stock and you’re set in my opinion!


I mean Unity/Unreal and stuff like that. Game Engine in general only “work” with tris, no quads, no Ngones (chek on internet because i m not all-knowing). So when you import a mesh in a game engine, the entire mesh will be triangulated. But in my opinion it is better to do this before, in your 3d program. Just to optimize the process.

Ive not understant the part about bolt, as said before english is not my former langage and i found no logical translation for “stock” ^^. But thanks for your feed back :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive added magazine well, the bipod, and a rail for the breech to move in. I think the model in itself is finish, need some tweaks though but im please with the ways it look. Next step is UV wrapping and texturing ( but this last step will be fast ).

So as usual comments it and tell me what you think about it.

Now i can post more than 1 pics :star_struck:

PS : Any idea for next Guns to mdelise ? i think of …

AK 47


Thank you OtterAlpha,
Very nice


No, not 47. Do the AKM.


You did the fusilaut which is a French army rifle , maybe you could attempt to do the Hecate or rubicon ?
Here are reals counterparts
Hecate : PGM Hecate II
Rubicon : FR F1


Fixed the title for you.

I don’t really care which Kalashnikov rifle the model is based on, but the 5.45, 5.56, and 7.62 AKs need to be visually distinct, regardless of what sights, barrels, stocks, muzzle devices, handguards, or other attachments that the player is or isn’t using.

Hello There

So ive finaly finished the FAMAS ! I’ve reshaped the mesh to really adapt to Unturned’s character short arm and bulky “hands”. Its not easy to see but the Fusilaut is now shorter, and some edge has been sharped ( again ^^ ).The barrel has been shortened too. Ive removed magazine well however.

Not a bad idea, maybe but later !

Hmmm why not !

Thanks you :slightly_smiling_face: And merci for the translation too ^^ Its seems that i ve didnt searched enough. My bad.

I will ask my questions here : when reading other post about 4.0 its appear that some people have more informations on unturned 4.0. Do they have contact with Game devs ? Or something like that ??

Please comments and if you like it, like the first post !

DISCLAIMER : the camo texture on the rifle is ONLY for you to see the UV in work.




That char rig just looks perfect, I dont understand why nelson changed it to a slenderman again lol
Well, I hope it gets back to something similar like that


I’m pretty sure MoltonMontro talks to Nelson Sexton now and again, but I get most of my information from and